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Four weeks done!!

Wow oh wow little me has not smoked for 4 weeks and nearly 2 hours!! And it feels absolutely, absolutely awesome:D And if I can get this far, anybody can because I really am the biggest wuss in the world and notoriously bad at giving up things. But today I feel as high as a kite and can't stop singing:o Julie Andrews eat ya heart out!! Kind of hard on the neighbours though, they are probably on the phone to the housing officer even as we speak:eek: Just hope they like 'The Sound Of Music'!! But honestly, I didn't know that NOT smoking could feel this good, so for anyone just starting out on their quit, please, please stay with it cos this feeling is magic and was so worth waiting for!!

Just one small prob though, there isn't a 4 week room on here so where do I go till I can enter the month 2 room on Sunday?? Hmm. Guess I have to stand outside for 2 days. Just hope it doesn't rain. (Starts singing again, Isn't It A Lovely Day To Get Caught In The Rain....) oh no, don't like that one so going back to Julie Andrews. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, ahh that's better....

Coo blummy, I feel like sending an email to Pfizer telling them I have discovered a new side effect of Champix. WELL, they might pay me:D And they would have to put in their side effects list 'causes excessive singing' LOL!!

Sorry to sound like a nutter but I am just so ecstatic today and I really wish everyone all the best with their quits. I can now officially say IT IS WORTH IT!!

Love to all,

Zoe xx

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Hi Zoe

Huge congratulations! I was going to say I knew you could do it, but to be honest, there were times when I had my doubts! Really pleased to be proved wrong, though :D

As for rooms, isn't there a Month 1? Otherwise, you could just sneak into Month 2 a bit early and hope that no-one notices you.




I never saw anyone did you ?


Quick, hide in the sunday lunch fort!! ;)


Well done Zoe, fantastic news.



Aww Mrs T,

Where did you get that pic of me hiding in Month 2 when I'm not supposed to be there:eek: Shh, don't tell the mods or I will be banned already. Surprised I'm not already banned for my terrible singing:p Guess I will have to stay in Month 1 room till Sunday, I know I'm not going to crack before then anyway.

Gary, thanks for not dobbing me in to the mods.

And Jen, can I have my Sunday din early cos I'm proper peckish:D

I will behave myself honest, apart from singing too much:D



Sorry Zoe, it's Friday afternoon and I'm too tired to cook.:p

There's some biscuits if you want though - I'll slide them under the curtain.


Biccys yaaay:D And I still have my trusty Mars Bar so all is well with my world:D

Reply inspire me and make me laugh. Have you thought of taking up writing professionally?

SO pleased you've made it to the big ONE month. You've had some tough times, but you've got through them and you can now confidently face any new challenges that come your way.


Keep on singing!! (I can almost hear you this side of the bridge!)



Hey Lizzie,

'Always look on the bright side of life - ta da dee dooby dooby do' oh no I have turned into Monty Python now:eek:

Erm, I haven't thought of taking up writing professionally but I take it as a great compliment that you had that thought - ME???? Ooher;)

Glad you can't really hear my singing, am sure all my neighbours are on antidepressants by now. Am still feeling great, and enjoy your date tonight!! Dress to kill is what I say:D


Zoe xx


Hey Mad Zoe,

Just wanted say A FANTASTIC BRILLIANT AMAZING WELL DONE for reaching the 4 Week marker, your post are so funny and you've been so supportive to soooo many newbies, so a big thanks for that too...;)

......But PLEEEEZE....... Stop with All The Singing..... !

I'm sorry to tell you but as Simon Cowell would say........

it's a No.... from ME !! :D

....... and you've already upset the neighbours in the social room :mad:




Well done Zoe. I'll join you in a few days :D


Hey Dragon, tell Simon Cowell to stuff off he is an eejit anyway!! I prefer Louis Walsh myself. And Sharon Osbourne cos she is welll cool!! And I am so enjoying not smoking cod it id unbelievable. going bed soon cos I'm crackered from all that singing!! Enjoy ya quit:D


Zoe x x


Hey Jana, you are well cool.:D I am loving it:D

Well done you:D

Zoe x x


I was just about to hang the balloons up in the month 2 forum for you too, so you best not barge in there too soon!

But it's a damned fine feeling isn't it! A whole month and not a single cigarette!

Well done you!!


I promise not to enter Month 2 room before I'm supposed to lol!! But 4 weeks is a great feeling though. Just better shut up with the singing though cos it's enough to try the patience of a saint. So will just talk to myself instead. Hee hee!!

Zoe x x



We gonna change your 'Nick" to "Zoe Zoe Gabor"

What with all the Singing n Dancin n wot nots!!!

Well done DOLL I am soo very very proud of you and everyone else that has endured, and overcome.

Dragon you are realy kicking the Sh!T outa the nicodemon!

All together now!!!

(Everybody was kung fu fighting, them kick's as fast as Light........)

I think he has been WARNED that U n Zoe are mates, so he now gives her a WIDE BERTH!

Joke's aside WD Zoe !!

Stay Strong


Hugh well done!!!

so happy for you should feel really proud :) i month!! and maybe with your inproving lungs we might be voting for you on x factornext year:)


The nicodemon hates singing. I've heard that if you try anything from My Fair Lady or The King and I it actually explodes. Boom. Little bits of tar-coated demon innards everywhere.

So keep on singing, that's my advice.





Well done Zoe I am not to far behind you and I am feeling great and I am really enjoying the FREEDOM,


Thanks Viv, I couldn't grasp the concept of freedom when I first started this journey, but I am starting to understand it now. And it IS a great feeling:D



WooHoooo Well Done Zoe, so proud of you:D:D

Lillie xx


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