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No Smoking Day
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Four weeks

Done and dusted at 10pm tonight. Im going to be staying here till 10 on Sunday night and then I go up a level. I love this level thing it gives us something to aim for:D

So went to see Miss Happy quit nurse today, she was actually supportive, telling me how well I was doing. She still doesnt like me talking about this forum, but I do, just out of devilment I think.

Ive been posting on my facebook page too, not as often as I did at first, I didnt want to bore everyone, but the support I have been getting from friends, family and colleagues has been amazing. I think that by letting everyone know what Im doing its making it harder for me to give in, I dont want to let myself, those on facebook or here down.

So anyway Miss Nursy asked me how many lozenges I was on, I lied and said more than I am so she would give me another script, I know its wrong but having a little stockpile gives me comfort, is that nuts? Yes I guess it is!

So she asked me to try and wait until I really, really needed one before having one. I have and Ive only had 2 today. Im not saying thats going to be the pattern from now on but Im pleased with that.

So good luck to all of you in higher,lower or the same level as me. With determination we can do this.

(Mash where are you? Its your 4 weeks today too) :D:D

Lillie xxxx

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Why doesn't the nurse like you talking about this forum?


Hey Lillie,

Congrats on completing your 4th week, it feels great doesn't it:D Just don't go all funny like me and start singing all over the place - my solicitor is going for an insanity plea.... 'It was the Champix M'Lud, she was perfectly normal before....':eek:

Well, I was going to have an early night but I guess I'd better go and clean up the Month 2 room ready for your entrance on Sunday. Erm, prob is I don't know how to get all the empty bottles out of here cos of that awful clinking noise.... hmm, maybe I can stick them under Pip's bunk and blame her:p I know, I'll say Jen left them here cos she's gone to Month 3 now and won't notice. Sorted:D


Zoe xx


Everytime I talk about the forum she gets all hurt and says i can do all of that for you, but she cant. The people on this forum are there for me when I need them. I dont have to wait 14 days to ask about something I need to know and they have all been or are going through the same as I am.

Zoe, zoe, zoe...........you are completely nuts and I love you lol

Lillie xxx


That nurse is nuts too.....she really expect you to wait for ages until you see her for answers <cuckoo>

P.S. Major congratulations for 4 weeks...impressive, most impressive, the force is strong in this one (Darth Vader).


LOL I think the less nicotine we have the more insane we become.:D

Thanks everyone

Lillie xx


Hi Lillie

Well done on reaching the 4 week marker. Time really does pass quickly,especially when your looking back.:)

Also thought I'd let you know that all the tinkering that I did with dem mini pills (and half pills) only did my head in!!!! Sooo I decided to stop taking any more of them.

I'm now finishing my 2nd day with no NRT and so far so good...:D


WOW Grumpie no NRT, thats fantastic!

Now Im not gonna lecture but keep a hold of them just in case, but wow, wow, wow, thats fab.

Me jealous much? Noooooooooo he he he


Hey well done Lillie 4 weeks fantastic ,me too. its like being in a boxing ring though, but i have a good left hook. and theres no way jose am i gonna smoke ever again.

Mash x


Well done Mash, dont give in and keep punching that nicodemon ou of the ring.

You can do this:D

Up a level we go on Sunday.

Lillie xxx


Well done Lillie (and Mash!)

Those milestones will just keep on coming. A few more days and you will be

celebrating your first calendar month. :)


Well done to you Lillie.

Glad your nurse had the presence of mind to congatulate you, it's what she's paid to do. Some of them have completed forgotten that fact I think :rolleyes:

If you are getting your NRT on prescription I would jolly well make sure you have enough. Better to be prepared just in case. Well done also for cutting down to 2 lozenges. That seems a long time off for me. I am never without one on my mouth at the mo, except when I am asleep of course :D

Gaynor x


Pretty darn good Lillie. Like to see you one step ahead of me!

Those nurses...hmm, I changed my appointment this week and think I actually saw the receptionist!! At least she showed a bit more interest.

Have a wonderful weekend



Well done lillie and mash! :)

I saw the stop smoking nurse twice, after that I decided the money I saved on getting NRT via prescription wasn't worth the hassle of seeing her (and thus having to get in work later).

Mine came out with such classics as:

"To be honest, I've nothing against smoking" (fair enough to think that, but inappropriate given the circumstances!)

"It's all about willpower. I once decided to lose weight, put my mind to it and lost 5 stone" (she'd clearly put most of it back on, again, nothing wrong with that, but not really a good example to use).

I wonder if it's a new initiative to save money - make it so unpleasant you'd rather spend more money than get a prescription...:rolleyes:


I went to a quit smoking group a few years back. The "Hello, my name is Lisa, I'm 33, and I've been smoking X number of years...blah, blah, blah".

Instead of letting the group gel and talk about experiences we had to listen to the Stop Smoking counsellor dictate to us. I felt like saying "can we just skip to the end..test my carbon monoxide levels, and give me the free freakin patches?".

We also had to learn about healthy eating, how condescending!!! We're smokers so therefore we must eat crappy junk food as well. Suffice to say my quit didn't last. Why do they always get preaching non-smokers or ex-smokers to do these courses???? It might have changed by now though. I only went for the free patches and gum.


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