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im here


morning - :) - took 3 days since day one to get here -but i am here now. The doctor set me back on monday, he just didnt seem to care, and now im sat here with allthe same symptoms , wondering what to do next - i have a sore swollen mouth/tounge , glands up and very sore throat, all of which have been goin on fo bout a monthand its leaving me feeling run down and tied

stop whinging!

least im not covering it all in horrid chemicals

oh well

happy thursday

daizy x x

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HIya daizy

Ive had a lot of problems with my mouth since Ive quit, the dentist has told me that smoking can change the ph of your salive so when it goes back to normal your gums, tongue,throat have to readjust.

It might take time but its better than going through the pain of emphesemia of cancer.

Keep on with your quit and use the forums for support.

Good luck

Lillie x

thanks lillie , to tell the truth Iam in a slight panic about the whole thing right now, I am going back to the docs tomorrow, because the meds he gave me are giving me a very bad stomach, and im hopeing they can be changed , i also hope its a different doctor who checks the situation out thouroughly. i felt fobbed off before - i have also made an appointment with my dentist for next week - so im covering all the bases

the swolllen mouth is just driving me round the bend.

Not smoking isnt going too bad though :)

on to day 3 tomorrow!

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