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Hiya , im a newbie , hope im welcome :)


Hiya everyone . well i have been lurking round here for over a week lol, so thought it about time i introduced meself :D I stubbed me last ciggie out 9 days ago , this is my second time of serious quit , my last quit was last year and lasted .... one whole month then i let meself down badly grrrr, i was using patches left over from last time , havent had one on the past 2 days , mainly cos i keep forgetting :D... My daughter gave me some inhaler stuff she had left from when she tried too quit , im only avin a little puff a coupla times a day , hope you are all having a good day today eh !! Pat :) x

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hi, you are very welcome. 9 days is great, read and post, thats what will help you most.

I look forward to following your quit:D

Hi Pat :)

Welcome to the forum and well done on quitting your sounding so positive in your post :)

there is a group called the march hares that you could join if you wished to they are all going through the same stages as you

you can find them via the quick links in the bar across the top of the page under social groups

hope you have a fab free weekend



btw if you have any questions please feel free to ask and for the times you feel a craving coming on just try and keep mind and hands busy till it passes which it will

Hi Pat

welcome to the forum!!! and well done with your quit..come and join the hares..xx

Thanx :) x

Thankyou for the welcome :) i will check the March Hares out :D....Just a bit of background on me ... I am 5o yrs old , im a single mum and a full time carer too my 26 yr old daughter , she has learning difficulties , so she is very challenging , :eek: lol, and im from Liverpool :D And if i manage too kick this Nico demon ass , i will be nicely ,, Suprised Suprised ... hehehe x

Well it seems to me that there are a number of us in our fifty's who have managed to crack it, so come and join us!

I had a sister with learning disabilities, so I understand the extra challenges that you must be facing.

this can be done - just read all about it on here!

Thanx Billy :)

:) Hi Pat, Welcome to the forum and well done on your quit. Keep strong and keep busy.

All the best


Quit Date: 10.2.12

:) Hi Pat, Welcome to the forum and well done on your quit. Keep strong and keep busy.

All the best


Quit Date: 10.2.12

Thankyou Jacqui, and you keep up the good work too hun xx

Yes you can

Hiya & welcome to the boards :)

You can do it :D



Morning and thanx again for the lovely welcome xx

Well today is day 10 for me in the* No Smokin House* ..I feel a bit rough today , as in, me lips are all dry and starting too crack , i have had a really bad cough since about day 2 , too be honest i said too my daughter , its deffo got a little COPD goin on , as in i cough cough cough cant stop , eyes streaming going dizzy, back of my throat feels like someones ticklin it with barbed wire , Maybe i stopped this smoking just at the right time eh?? This is my 3rd day of going cold turkey , I keep forgetting the patches , and the inhalator , when it hits my throat makes this damn cough worse, so , see how i go eh !

Hope you all have a lovely peaceful Sunday :) xx

Hey scousemum,

Your doing great :D. But I do think things get worse before they get better, coughs, sneezes and wheezes and sore throats :(. I still keep coughing on day 16, but not the hacking cough I had when I was smoking lol people thought I was dying :eek:. Takes a few weeks to really feel the physical benefits, but we got all that to look forward to :D.

Zoe xx

Aww i hope so hun, cant wait too get past the month without smoking , cos its in my head thats when i let myself down last time :( hope your cough gets gone soon Zoe , well done you on day 16 i will be following you ( not in a weird way lmao ) sorta like a quit buddy :D xx

Scousemum... Congrats on quitting, 3 days without nicotine... Well that means by the end of today all of it is out of your system! Congrats! If you think about it, reintroducing the patches or inhaler will reboot your initial 3 days... 10 days without a smoke is awesome no matter how it has been accomplished anywho... I am just a couple days ahead of you, so going through pretty much the same points in the process. Welcome to the forum! Tons of informastion and support here, it has definitely been a big part of my resolve and continued choice to not smoke.


Thanx Viking, well done on your quit too :)

I had a little nap this avvy , as you do on a Sunday lol, well ...i was dreaming i was a lot younger and in bed with a young guy :D hehehehe :D he threw me a ciggie , arghhhhhhhh then i woke ....., bloody gaspin fer a smoke , Nicodemon is a sly git isnt he ;) Hope you have all had a nice peaceful Sunday xxxx

Trust you to pick a smoker.

Wish I could dream I was younger in bed with a younger woman...smoker or not ooooooha

Morning all x

Day eleven in * the no smoking house * feeling ok as in had no major craves , well not what i couldnt handle , but this stupid cough is getting no better , its waking me up and this morn i coughed so much i started too be sick and noticed specks of blood :eek:

I will just see how things go :( hope you all have a good day today :) xx

Well done so far scousemum but if you are bringing up blood, and you are sure it is blood, then you absolutely must go to the doctors straight away.

You haven't got any mouth ulcers or anything have you?

Are your gums bleeding at all (common when you quit).

If it is not from your mouth, go and see a doctor.

It's probably nothing to worry about but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Ooh scousemum, I agree with Capitan, you should see a doctor straight away. Am sure everything is okay, you might have a chest infection, but you do need to be checked out. Let us know how you are getting on, and hope you are feeling better soonest.

Zoe xxxx

Morning Scousemum, how are you doing?

Hope everything is ok and you are still quit :)


Morning everyone, day 12 for me yep still quit sir :D

Still coughing not as much though and no more blood so thats good , i do have a stomache ulcer sooo the constant aggressive cough may have iritated that , so its all going ok, I couldnt get in here all yesterday , did anyone else experience this ?? i thought maybe the site was doing work or summat ,

I had a few bad craves yesterday :eek: so i was like someone demented walkin round the house shouting go away NOOOOO ya not winning !!

if anyone would have looked through the window they wudda sent for the men in white coats HEHE! hope everyone else is doing ok . xx

Great to hear Scousemum, just keep an eye on that bleeding though :)

Are you red or blue or not bothered?

Be honest withyou Cap, im not into footy my family are all reds and my sisters son plays for Tranmere i think lol, he was with Hull and now hes with Tranmere , like i said i hate footy and know nuthin about it :eek:...... Now ask me any question on any soaps , and im sure i will be able too tell ya :D

If you had to choose, Corrie or Eastenders? :p

OOOhh gotta say ummm Corry , now the reason being , i like too watch Deidre smoke , shes proper wrinkly isnt she.... hehe, now , i use her as an insentive too stay off the ciggies :D

I'm Corrie too :D

Much more humour in it :)

Blanche was theee best in that wasnt she eh lol, aww bless, right am off too dye my hair :) you have a good day Cap and anyone else on site , be good hehe... bye fer now xx:D

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