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No Smoking Day
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Three calendar months and one (93 days)

here I am treading new ground as I pass the three month mark, 32 years of heavy smoking which dominated my very being and ruled my whole life in terms of decision making has now been cast away.

I have managed to put on 7 pounds and over the last week managed to lose two of those pounds and on my way back down to surpass the pre quit weight, I would recomeend everyone not to accept the weight gain as being normal and putting up the fight against the weight at the same time as the cigarettes has served to make me stronger.

I, like most have searched for the magic day when I will be over it, and have discovered that the answer is from day 1 if youaccept the facts. You dont have to demonise smoking, you only have to accept the cold hard facts rlated to smoking.

Cold turkey was my method along with factual education on Nicotine addiction and how it behaves.

Inspiration does come from this site and some people astound me in the voluntary support they continously provide (better human beings than me).

I wish everyone well as I head towards the penthouse and hope to see many others there.


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Well done Pete.........Cold Turkey works!!!

Enjoy the journey to the penthouse.....and hopefully a smooth and pleasant one.



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