No Smoking Day
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Day 1 , Month Three

Tonight marks the end of Day one of month three - thank heavens I had a busy day , soooo smoking thoughts didn't really feature today , but lo and behold arrive home from work - walk in the door smell the smoke "OH is a housewife", and craves are back again.

Took the OH and my son "Kyle" out for Thai at "Simply Asia" had a wonderful meal and have just arrived home , jumped into my New "P.J's" will curl on the couch and watch a good movie and be damned smoking thoughts - gone with you , I say!!

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really well done Dude, you are doing fantastically. It must be hard that your OH smokes but it just shows how brilliant you are because you have to deal with it everyday and you still haven't given in.

Keep it up x


Good on you Dude - it can't be easy to give up among smokers - your doing great :)


You're doing're going to do just fine. We're all with you. Keep going.


Dude you are doing brilliantly mate! Would OH could go outside for a cig for the time being? Smoking in the house would test anyone's resolve so well done to you xx


Month 3 week 2

Can't believe the week went so fast , don't want to tempt fate but the "Dreaded" month 3 has been kind to me - I was reading my week 3 posts and am relieved to say at this pace , I should have Month three completed with no problems - my luck month four will be HELL,!

Have a " Lekker" day!


Lovely to hear from you Dude and to mark your continued progress towards permanent freedom. Well done mate! :)


Tomorrow is the start of week 3 month 3 ,

And man alive it feels good , now that the craving is gone - and the constant sense of worry in the tummy is a thing of the past.

My youngest step daughter Tammy has been quit 1 week thanks to Champix (although she was a social smoker) only smoking at night , what is even better is she has convinced her sister Michele to stop , then the three of us can work on the " Mrs"

That would leave one smoker her mom! But at 75 she has paid her dues and is free do smoke where and when she wants.

Sooo hopefully I will have nice fresh smelling family in a week or two!

Hope everyone has had an awesome weekend !


Well done Dude - you are really flying now!!!!


Fantastic Dude- so glad your example has inspired your family to join you. :)


Well done Dude, you have obviously inspired the rest of your family to stop too. Keep us posted how it goes :)


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