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The sweet smell of success

The catalyst that made me decide to quit smoking is quite a silly one (my 'reasons', however, are the sensible ones that most people have in common - better health, longer life, more money, etc.). I've tried quitting twice before, both times with the help of therapeutic nicotine - patches the first time, gum the second - with no success on either occasion. This time, however, it was a simple little thing that flipped a switch in my head and suddenly made me realise what I was doing to myself. It shocked me so much that I quit on the spot, cold turkey.

I realised that I had completely lost my sense of smell. I couldn't smell food, old books, cut grass, anything. The scariest part was that I hadn't even noticed until one day my mother showed me some potted herbs she had bought in a garden centre, and crushed some leaves to demonstrate how nice they smelled. Immediately, I said 'F*ck these things,' and threw the remaining ten cigarettes into the bin.

I never took notice of scents before, but over the past two weeks, I have completely recovered that sense and am rediscovering what I took for granted before.

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It can be a curse and a blessing! There are good smells and there are bad smells and unfortunately, my newly acute sense of smell is non-discriminatory! I'm thinking hubby's socks, the cat's litter tray, garlic on peoples' breath, peoples' breath.. you get the picture! :D


Haha Mrs CP!! The worst thing for me at the moment is the smell of cigarette smoke!! I can smell it from 100 yards away and I really can't stand it:eek: I will end up as a recluse living on a mountain top to avoid smoky people. And to think I smelt like that. Am so ashamed now:o



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