No Smoking Day
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day 8 and can smell things!

well i could smell before but things are, well, smellier? yet more subtle!

wonder what other changes i have coming up. good or bad or indifferent. its kinda a mark of progress when something changes.

so far i have not smoked 151 cigarettes and saved £49.08 and 12min 35 secs of life.


and today i also managed to stop thinking about smoking while i was at work, apart from the odd time or two and even then i was indifferent about wanting one anyway. that is real progress and cant wait till i can get like that at home too.

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Good job

Keep it up. Before we know it we will be at one month and up.. Time is flying on us!!


Very well done you guys your doing brilliantly



Well done Debbie - you're doing fantastically well! :D

I noticed the whole smell thing too - not always a positive though!! ;)


I love the smell thing! I don't think i could smell hardly at all when i smoked. When i stopped there was a whole world of smell!The eating thing is a good/bad thing too. Food tastes fab and amazing, but you just can't stop.


lol i went into raptures over lunch today. cheese on brown bread. unbelievably delicious!


So glad you're doing so well, and thanks for the note. No matter what I'm going for it. I have not really had urges and it is so nice to go into a store and not think when I leave here I could light a cigarette. Now I'm looking forward to going to a restaurant with my husband. We haven't even done that in ages because I did not want to go since I can't smoke. How bad was I!?!?!

You are right sense of smell increases and everything is great. Can't wait to visit my family next month. Will wait and see how long it takes for them to notice I am not smoking LOL..

Have a great night and to another lovely day tomorrow!



Thats great, keep it up..

I know what you mean about the smell...

I though I could always smell stuff. But holy cow.. Just today me sister told me I have a nose of pregnant woman. LOL nothing goes by that I don't smell it. haha


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