No Smoking Day
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Feel Strange

I feel strange!

Cant put my finger on it.

Not Craving

Not Depressed

Not Hungry

Not Cold

Not Sick

I just feel outa sort's, I think to my self go get something to eat, then my mind say's "nah dont feel like it"

Go get cofee or tea "Nah dont feel like it"

Go for a walk "Nah dont feel like it"

WTF never felt like this before Oh well let me try do some work "NAH DONT FEEL LIKE IT" LMAO

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Hiya Gary

Thats how Ive been feeling the last two days, its now mid afternoon and Im starting to feel better. This will pass I promise.



Hey Gary,

I know what you mean, I kind of felt like that on Monday afternoon while sitting in my doctors waiting room. Not that being at the doctors had anything to do with it. But something felt un-natural. Not smoking felt un-natural. (scuse spelling but that's gone down the tubes since I quit:rolleyes:) Like you I wasn't craving, but something felt not quite right. Weird. Anyways it did pass and I have been having a great day today:D Apart from developing the ability to smell smoke through glass????:eek: But that's another thread ....



your getting used to being new non smoking u and your adjusting to it. it will pass and you will be fine


Hi Gary

Strange empty feeling...I think we're all going through that at various stages. Not nice.

I hope you can either embrace it or be distracted from it.

It will go away.

Look after yourself



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