No Smoking Day

Strange symptoms?!

Hey everyone,

Sorry to post again but just the last few days I've been having the strangest health symptoms...

1- Very vivid, unusual and sometimes scary dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night

2- Other half says I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep really badly

3- Pins and needles in my feet on and off

Is this normal? I'm day 14 smoke free and currently using quick mist mouth spray, but was using gum for the first 10 days or so.

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Hey Kelly-86 - no need to apologise, thats what the community is for and we are here to help each other :)

The vivid dreams and restlessness is quite normal at this early stage of your quit (beware of the smoking dreams, I still get them a couple of times a month after 16 months quit :O ). Not sure about the grinding of the teeth - have you only started doing this in your sleep?

The pins and needles could be the circulation of your blood now working correctly since you quit but also could be a side affect of the quick mist - just have a look at the side affects for piece of mind.....

Keep up the good work!


Thank you Roisin- just after I posted that I remembered when I quit smoking a few years ago I had the weird dreams actually!

I had 2 last night- the first dream woke me up at 2.30am- i dreamt my Facebook account had been hacked and someone had sneakily taken and posted naked pics of me in the bath all over my FB and I couldn't delete them or my account, and all my friends and family were disowning me! So relieved to wake up from that one!

The second dream, woke me up at 4am, I was in a massive building with some women I don't know about my age, 30, and we all had to climb many flights of twisted stairs, at least 20, and each flight got thinner and walls and ceiling closing in, until we got to a bedroom at the very top, which was filled with make up. There was a skylight on the roof but no windows. We all did each other's make up and one girl/woman kept putting layers and layers of horrible sticky lip gloss on me! I decided to get out and kept getting stuck on the stairs on the way down and on each level there were people doing things in the rooms I could see into, like playing poker and watching tv 🤔 But didn't seem to notice me!!

Then I woke up! Lol!

The teeth grinding is a new thing for me, never happened before as far as I know!

Thanks- yes I'll look up side effects!


Interesting dreams Kelly-86 - definitely as a result of your quit! As I was saying above about the smoking dreams, they are very common and can be very unsettling when we wake up - my husband who quit over 2 years ago has an odd one, their is a theory that the reason we have them is that we are craving a smoke in our sleep :O

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Yeah could well be, I hadn't thought of that! I'm trying to just see the funny side and almost look forward to them as they are so bizarre, couldn't make them up!


hi Kelly-86 .

most of us have had dreams.

I woke up because I was smoking.I was having a fag and it seemed so real.

I was very can it feel so real 😒

they are only may get a visit from a smoking ghost.I and

Nozmo have had a visit ha ha.

there's always a explanation.for me it was my smelly neighbour having a fag and it just drifted through my windows and letter box

the pins and needles is probably all the 100% air in your blood.its not used to it.

it will get better 😂

not sure on teeth.maybe a stress thing.i suppose we are under a certain stress 😒.

you take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


Yes the dreams really do seem incredibly real! Not had any smoking dreams yet- but thanks for the heads up, I've heard they are quite common too.

Funny how we react to coming off the fags, shows how used to them we were I suppose. Like the body and brain doesn't quite know what to do for a while!

Thanks again. :)

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I think dreams are our escape route for all our bad thoughts.😒

a dream cant matter how real it feels.

you are doing just fine.keep it up 😂

take care 😊

do keep kicking 😎

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I still stand by my ghostly smoker Lizzy 😀

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Ha ha😁

so funny 😁


Here's my interpretation of the dreams Kelly:

#1 you feel you are baring your soul to everyone because all of your emotions are surfacing as you stop smoking

#2 The huge building represents your quit and the long climb up the twisted stairs is representative of the struggle that you're going through in order to continue on your quit. the rooms are full of people doing normal things but you don't feel part of it because everything feels so strange in the "house of the quit" at the minute.

I should be a psychoanalyst!! That'll be fifty pounds please. 😀


Ooh interesting! Makes sense actually!

Haha wonder what tonight will bring- I'll keep you updated!


Excellent analysis Nozmo :)

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Just call me Nozmo Freud!


I had the vivid and even terrifying dreams in the first or second week of quitting smoking. Didn't even think it was a "withdrawal symptom" till I came across some posts here. Can't remember the exact details, but it's something like how we start producing more serotonin once we've quit smoking, and even get more oxygen to our brains when we're asleep. That combination can translate to those vivid dreams. Just hang in there, it does get better!

I've grinded my teeth since I was young and still do these days. I do so as I sleep too, and have even worn a mouth guard (got it from the dentist) to protect my teeth as my grinding got really bad. Weirdly enough, I don't realise I'm doing it though those around me say it can get pretty loud, hah.I have a friend who didn't start grinding her teeth till she started working. It's definitely an expression of stress, probably just your body coping with the stress.

Keep going! x

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That's really interesting, I guess you learn something new every day!

I actually just had a chat with the dental receptionist over the phone about my teeth grinding as I woke up this morning and I knew it happened again last night as I've got sore teeth (if that's a thing lol) so I've got an appointment in a few days. Hopefully I'll get a mouth guard too !

How long have you been smoke free? X


All the best! My friend's one was so bad that she actually broke her mouth guard after a while hah. It's a bit uncomfortable for me to use when I sleep so I stopped after a while. But if you don't mind it, I do encourage you to use it. Meditation has actually brought my teeth grinding down by a lotttt


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