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day 1 again & strangely im feeling ok!!!

:)yeah im here on day one i have got my 21mg patch stuck to my arm since 7.40am this morning at first i thought i want a fag!!! but after about half n hour i felt & still feel quite good apart from nauseous.... i did the school run, i spoke to people, i havent changed into a monster & at to hide away from everything & everybody of which i usually feel on previous quit attempts ...i am amazed at how good at feel, i do know it is very early in the quit but maybe coz i do feel sick i really have no urge for a fag or the patch it doing a very good job on my urges!!! - i am chewing normal gum too just to relieve the habit a bit like after something to eat etc..... i havent actually told everyone about quit..just close family - only because i look at it has a personal crusade & to tell the world at such an early stage just puts the pressure on .. for me personally.

The world will be told when im ready ..............but for now im just not smoking for today...

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Hi KitKat :D

Day 1 then and alls well glad to here you're doing OK with the patch but sorry you feel a little sick at the moment just hang ing there


Marg xxxxxxxxx


thank you marg.. you are so thoughtful - i will keep going - im so pleased i started this today i was dredding it in a way but for now its everything i expected it to be ... im not saying its easy or mavellous, just good.

But for now i am just not smoking for today


Well done KitKat!! Keep it going, yes I know the first day can be hard (I spent the entire day groaning out loud each time I wanted to smoke, I had a patch too) but it's not impossible! Keep going, you're doing well :)


day 1 over whoopee

thanks for advice on keeping patch stuck on chrissie v i hadnt even thought of that - ive just had a shower n removed it coz going bed shortly, got a kind of big red square shape on my arm now!!! & also noticed they are 25mg patches!! eek no wonder ive felt ok ....thanks for support to jenjam too youve made me feel better its possible with patches - how did you feel reducing them n coming off them was it okay??...i hope i do completely quit for good but i keep telling myself that im just not smoking for today.. & ive done it well dont me - now im just not gonna smoke for tomorrow......dont get me wrong moments today have been arghhh moments like before when i saw a empty cig packet on the pavement - it was like oh i want one now!!! but it passed as soon as i stuffed yet another frutella in my gob - still do feel bit sick though n my arm is like burning sensation now is that normal?? as if ive out deep heat on the area were the patch as been???

well i should be pleased that i am happy to have done day 1 & tomorrow i be on day 2 well done me !! & everyone else whos quit & quitting we have all done something to be proud of xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Welcome back, good to see you again.


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