This May A Sound A bit Strange!!!

But this really helped me get through the first difficult 10 days or so..

Srepciils - you know the lozenges you get for a sore throat. Every time I felt like a fag I popped in the mouth, they leave a funny taste and feeling in your mouth and you don't actually fancy a fag afterwards.

Really helped me as I went CT and don't like gum

Just a thought:)

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  • Hi Annasmom,

    Read the label, I'm sure you can overdoze on those things! :eek::eek::eek:

  • I am sure you can and they also give you loose motions (TMI!!:eek:) but it's true!

  • i have been eating loads of smint mints. they are good for your teeth and sugar free. and boiled lollipops - they are good too

    not sure id try strepsils if i didnt have a sore throat mind :D

  • Only took them for about 10 days, and the limit as per the instructions was no more than 12 a day and I honestly never got anywhere near that amount.

    As for the loose bowels - didn't happen - where I'm concerned that would have been a bonus!!!:eek:

  • Srepciils? lol? It seems a lot of these kinds of products help people. My sister used to take half a lemsip when she attempted to stop and it helped her a bit

  • Hello Geetfa,

    Some of us like lollipops, some of us like frozen grapes, and yes, annasmummy likes strepsills, but no-one on this forum likes SPAM!

  • Chewing Gum

    Chewing gum is doing it for me, everytime i need a fag, in goes an Extra! :D

  • Beware of anything that contains artificial sweetener, thats what will give you "loose stools" as someone so eloquently put it.

    Personally I found writing gibberish on here helped me through my cravings LOL

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