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Im Here!!

Gary Baker - Free and Healing for One Month, 2 Hours and 44 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 6 Days and 6 Hours, by avoiding the use of 1807 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me R 1*623.65.

Ha, who woulda thought!

Pip see you here tomorrow :)

Jc, you should be here already :)

Zoe, see you in a Day or two will wait for you :)

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Heey well done!

Told you that you would make it :)

See you soon.....!!



Good to see you here Gary!

I'll be around for another 20 days or so myself before reaching the next rung! (day 40 today!) Going to celebrate both of us in month 2 with a "choon"... Now where's my Spice Girls collection in itunes!


LOL My girls loved the "Spice Girls" i have them (My Daughters) on VHS miming.

when the Boyfreinds come around, wanna see them hide the tapes, photo albums etc :)


Congratulations Gary, I bet it feels SOOOO good:D I will be there on Sunday at lunchtime unless I blow my quit before then:eek: So be ready to show me round the month 2 room cos I will be a newbie:p




You blow your quit you will have me to deal with!!

You in this for the long haul! you have NO CHOICE!!!



:eek: (Zoe dives under computer desk trembling with fear) Yes Gary, or should I say SIR, or BOSS lol:D I am so determined to get that first month under my belt it would take quite a lot to make me cave in now. Btw Gary I accepted the invite, you know what I mean, good idea of yours;)



Welcome Gary! Its a nice place to be isnt it!



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