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Strange rash????

Hi all,

I was just wondering, erm, a bit embarressed really:o but has anybody experienced any sort of rash during the first month of their quit? Especially anybody on Champix? Only I seem to have a real grandaddy of one and very painful too. I put up with it for about a week, but just had to go to the doctors today as it has become too painful. I asked if it could be a side-effect of Champix but he said he doubted it, but the leaflet does say it can cause fungal infections. So I asked the pharmacist if she thought it could do this and she said it has been known to happen. I'm not trying to put anyone off Champix, just wondered if anyone else has had anything like this.

Anyways, I now have cream and antibiotics GREAT :rolleyes: and the tablets have to be taken on an empty stomach, the Champix with food, so I am going to have to juggle all this somehow. Oh well, at least the cream contains steroids so maybe I will turn into a bodybuilder heehee.

So no wonder I had a few craves this afternoon but I took them down soon enough, grrrr, and left them cowering in the car park where they tried to hijack me.

Don't like Mondays, but this gal still standing:D


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Hi Zoe

Don't have any rashes but flamin well covered in spots! Uuggh it's like being a teenager again!! :mad:

Think I have a muscle wasting disease though, My muscles feel awful, has anyone else had muscle weakness whilst quitting ?????? I'm such a wimp, can barely lift a glass this week :eek: (Think hypochondria may be setting in !)

We could do with a weekly doctors surgery on here.....any qualified medics on board???

My OH always took his Champix on an empty stomach, see how you get on....think it might just cause nausea for a short time, but antibiotics can do that anyway.

Hope you feel better soon!



Hi Pip,

Tried taking Champix on empty tum but was awful, works best with scrambled eggs on toast for me. Guess I will have to get up earlier (sigh) take antibiotic, wait an hour and then force feed myself to take Champix:mad:

Got mouth ulcers too but can put up with those unless they get any worse. Don't ask about gums. Haven't had muscle weakness unless my brain counts as a muscle, it is doing many strange things at the moment. I actually SAT on my DINNER the other night, don't ask:eek: Just call me lentilbum. Can I say 'bum' on here?? Sorry mods, I'm new, do excuse me xx

I have been full of hypochondria and keep wanting to go to hospital for reasons unknown, but I can't dial 999 and say 'help, I've given up smoking' can I?? Think they might throw a hissy fit and start smoking themselves. So on I plod.

Pip you will be in Month 2 before me so check it out before I have to dip my toe in the water and tell me its ok to jump in. Glad you doing so well:cool:



Hi Zoe, .......am embarrasing rash eh ? mmhhh ? can't say I've been affected by that one so far...:D

Your post crack me up.....lol you've must have had almost all the listed side effects from Champix :eek: don't like the sounds of the mouth ulcers..ouch !

But look at things this way ..it shows how 'strong minded and committed' you are to quitting most others would have thrown the kitty (sorry towel) in !!!

So KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK !. I reckon your approx 3 weeks (ish) in front of me so your post are really helping, they make me think how easy I'm having it.....lol lol :D

Did you manage to sort the quit counter thingy out ? I luv mine it tells you how long, money saved, fags not smoked... it's great !


I have been full of hypochondria and keep wanting to go to hospital for reasons unknown, but I can't dial 999 and say 'help, I've given up smoking' can I??


Loooool I so know what you mean !!

Last night my (imaginery) muscle wasting disease was permanent and terminal, I actually thought wouldn't it be great to be taken into hospital so I could just sleep and be looked after! I think a real illness (as oppose to nicotine withdrawal) would also let me justify my behaviour too :eek:

I'm so relieved it's not just me displaying this strange behaviour :D

Actually, I have BUPA, could I phone them?? Would they take me and look after my spots/muscles etc ??



Oi dragon behave yourself or I will report you to the newspapers again .... Oh yes it was me that told about your attack on Asda .... how do you think I made my first million yahahahaha:D

Now if I had all the listed side effects from Champix I would not still be on this planet, I ignore most of them but this one was too much of a co-incidence:(

Am still taking them though, am determined to see this quit through, rash or not. Thought of you today when I did the Tesco run oh my stars:eek: But for once I got through the paypoint without screaming, chucking shopping into orbit, and walking out in tears, so think I am making progress!!

So I am still into my quit and have not thrown the kitty in!! Am 3 weeks 3 days into quit now and so gobsmacked!!

And no, I didn't sort the the quit thingy counter thingy out blah it wouldn't install but it would annoy me anyway.

Maybe try another time.

TC dragon,




Gee Pip I wish I had BUPA, or better still access to a Swiss Clinic - that would fix us, 2 weeks sleep therapy and then no cravings????

Gimme half ya BUPA, pay for me too LOL otherwise we have to take dragon with us and get him working as a waiter (could have suggested worse:D to pay for our therapy LOL).

But we will get spots and rash sorted out soon,

don't fret:p

Going out for wine and crisps be back soon:D



Hmm Rash and Spots time for me to stop flirting with the two of you, even worse you might put dragon onto me!! nope this threesome is over before it started!!.

Jokes aside I just wanted to mention that it is truly amazing how far we have progressed. If memory serves me correctly there are four of us on roughly the same timeline:




And me

Pip tomorrow you move to month 2 Well done

Zoe you follow 4-5 day Later

I move across tonight at 7:30

JQ should be there already :)

I feel we ALL need to pat our selves on the back!

Well Done Guys, Next Stop the Penthouse!!


Zoe, I'll see if BUPA do a BOGOF deal !!

Gary, you are right, we forget sometimes to pat ourselves on the back for how far we've come. Who'd have thought when we were posting in Week1 that we would still be here now :D



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