No Smoking Day

A strange ( welcome) experience

Hi All,

Went to the pub last night. This was in previous attempts in giving up smoking a bit of a gambol.

This is not the bad experience of old due to the smokers having to go outside to have a gasper.

Anyway, I was in company and after about 30 minutes, one of the guys I was with went out for a smoke. It didn’t bother me at all.

However, and what I was not expecting, was that I could smell the cigarette on his breath when he came back inside and IT STANK!

I just couldn’t believe what I was thinking,am I becoming one of those ex smoker/ anti smoking types?

I have stopped smoking for 16 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes and 7 seconds (16 days).

I've not smoked 330 death sticks, and saved £95.67.

I've saved 1 day, 3 hours and 28 minutes of my life.

Tried patches for 2 days, willpower since.

I am going to beat this thing!


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You sure are going to beat this thing! Right where it hurts :D

As for becoming anti-smoking now, thats not such a bad thing. Myself, I am still of the opinion live and let live, but I do have friends that quit and they are the worlds worst critics of smokers! lol It sure is strange how our attitudes can quickly change regarding smoking.

I guess because smoking can be such a selfish habit we overlook the really bad side to it. We were just too consumed with our habit to really give a thought about the consequences of it on other people.


I had to sit beside a woman on the train this morning who, seconds before, had been standing on the platform desperately sucking the life out of a cigarette.:(

I must admit she stank and I had to keep turning my head away from her:o

Can you believe we used to smell just like that????????:eek:


No way I ever smelled that bad! Just not possible :rolleyes:

I smelled of roses of course...:D


Wow, I see what you mean!

No disrespect to this guy 'cos he just fixed my pc, but I could tell he was a smoker. The smell of stale fags filled the whole room. Its so great to know that I no longer smell like that :)


Its so great to know that I no longer smell like that :)

It is great isn't it and we don't have to douse ourselves in perfume to cover up the smell any more, which it doesn't. Brilliant:D:D


Whenever a non or ex smoker said : I can smell that you just had a ciggy - I thaught they exaggerated :rolleyes:

now I know that they didn't:o


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