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No Smoking Day
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Bad news :(

Hi All

Friday evening my OH "Gail" snuck out to the swimming pool area with her mum and had a smoke, from there twas all downhill :(

So after 7 smoke's, on Saturday evening 7:30 she started her quit again, this time round I would not trade places with her for the WORLD lol.

And as for me, I am here "Month 1" untill tuesday the 18 slight miscalculation form my part, or am I wrong ? my quit counter say's 4W 11H 52m

however it also says I will be quit one month on the 18th.

Is it a calander month or every four weeks you move to the next month ?

Someone help me im lost I dont know where to go !!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

Stay Strong !

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hey gary

sorry to hear about your OH but well done on staying strong [read your post on kitkats post] and you seem abit shaken by it but at the same time you want to stay strong

please stay strong if you can get through the bad times u can make it to the good times and the freedom and i wouldnt give my freedom back for anyone or anything

i bet deep deep down your OH hopes you join her back in the smoking world i tell you why when i was a full time smoker and if someone quit at work say, i would hope and bargain with myself in my mind that they would be back, they would smoke again, they would gain wieght and start smoking again.

i would do it because i was jealous they were quitting but had to justify my dirty habit i knew deep down they were doing the right thing and i was risking my life everytime i smoked, but i had to put it into the perspective of a smokers mind and the only way to do that was to convince myself they would be back in that smoking shelter in no time and nine times out of ten they were [i know now why cause its not a walk in the park], i was always happy when they came back to the smokers fold as it made it ok for me, but on the odd occasion they succeeded and that bugged me beyond beleif back then.

but gary dont let mr nicotine take advantage of this situation [because he will] you are gonna get the mind games and bargaining but stay strong, your posts have always been very positive read back through your old posts and read read read every bit of information, knowledge is power.

if you stay strong you will not only be helping yourself but also your OH [i understand she is trying again] you understand exactly how she feels early in the quit how cool is that having someone who gets exactly wat your going through

keep up the good work gary your have come to far to go back


oh yeah i think its per calender month but the first months is always a sticking point as it is 4 weeks then one month

i would pop into the one month and have a look around its nice in that room

you know it just gets easier once you go in one month



Thanks for the kind words :)

It amazes me how quick a crave can creep up and then "Ambush" you as well as how you find ways to Bs your self to have just one "quick" one!

Like I said Kitkats post saved my bacon today! (Thanx again KitKat)




stay strong. You done so well. If you start smoking now , not only will you be upset you started smoking again , you with be upset with your OH, that wont do any good.

I know its difficult, the best I can suggest is read Allan Carr's book and you will be able to understand and stay strong in those situations.

You know you can do it ! Well done to making it a month... you go on !!!!



Well done you!

Your OH has done what I have done many times previously :o

My hubby has always been able to quit easily when he decides he's having a no smoking phase, however.......me......another story entirely. I've lost count of the times he has quit, and I have failed....miserably. I've dissapointed him and let him down so many times and he never ever thought I would be able to quit....but this time I have :p and so will your OH when her time is right!

I am proud you are still being positive and had the courage to say NO to your colleague when you felt so down yourself....it shows how strong you are :)



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