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Bad News


Hi all.

Had an awful week - my 18 yr old sister (non smoker) had a stroke on wednesday morning and is in a spe******t hospital in london this week where i have been with my parents...she cant speak and has minimal understanding etc.

it's been terrible. i don't even want to smoke...let this spur on smokers to stop, an 18 year old suffering from something like this when people poisoning themselves with cigarettes are walking around and talking and being normal...and smokers are the ones who are more likely to get so glad i dont smoke, i wouldn't want to risk ever having a stroke as its broken my heart seeing her there.

just thought id share.

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Hi Coralie. Sorry to read about your sad news. I hope your sister makes a full & speedy recovery. There sometimes seems no justice in this world. Will be thinking of you. G.xx

Hi Coralie :)

I am so sad at this news I can only imagine how you and your parents must feel

She is so young to have one I really hope she'll make a full recovery

I will be thinking of you all, please let us know how she gets on

with much love

Marg xxxxxxxx

That's terrible, Coralie!! She is so young..... I hope she recovers very, very quickly. Take care XOXOX

Oh that is awful :( all my love to you and your family :( .... hope she makes a speedy recovery xxxx

How very sad, thinking of you.


Hi coralie,

my Thoughts are with you at this sad time, i do hope your sister makes a fast speedy recovery . thinking of you and your family, keep strong.

lots love ali xx

So sorry to hear your news Coralie.

Heres to your sister making a super speedy recovery.

Take care



Thanks guys, will keep you all updated.


Hi Coralie

What sad news :(

I wish your sis a full and speedy recovery

Well done you for not cracking !!!

If you can get thriough this, you have proved to yourself that nothing will make you break, well done to you !!!

Take care


Hi Coralie, im so sorry to hear your sad news and hope your sister is soon better, take care, x


Hi Coralie, I was touched by your post having had experience of this. She is so young but hopefully this will help her with a speedy recovery. Makes you realise how precious life is and how we take our health for granted. Good for you not having a cig, youve done really well, im sure your sister wouldnt want you to start again through what has happened. All my thoughts are with you all xxx My only niece was 6 when she had a brain tumour, she was mute for 7 weeks and then she had to learn to walk and talk again she is now 12 and has found her voice again let me tell you!! Take care hun and let us know how youre getting on x

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Coralie,

I have only just seen this. Really sorry to hear about your sister. Sending all best wishes for her to make a full and speedy recovery. And well done you for staying smoke-free at such a difficult time.

Deke so sorry to hear this. just dont expect to hear of it happeneing so young. i really hope she makes a speedy recovery soon. and i agree, its unjust that this has happened to her when there is people increasing their risk everyday and being perfectly fine :(

stay strong x

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