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Ding Ding - End of round 2

In the words of the late, great Michael Jackson....

'hee hooooo..........shum awwnnnn '

Day 2 of my quit has well and truly hit the canvass :D

Even had a job interview today....which would normally justify at least a rush of an extra 4-5 fags, minutes before the interview and then manically munching XXX Mints, so that you don't stink of dirty cigarette smoke (yuck...) during the interview lol but no way Mr Nicodemon.... easily ducked that punch !

Got up this morning and thought I wanted a fag first thing with my cuppa but then decided it was a hunger pang, not a crave ;) and so I actually ate some breakfast for the first time in many years ! Normal breaky would be coffee +2/3 ciggies + more coffee !

Again throughout the day the odd 'I'm missing or not done something' feeling but no real craves (thanks Mr Champix) and I've ate all my toffee bon bons so I've moved onto pear drops. They're alright...... but the roof of my mouth is sore after sucking about 15 throughout the day, note to self: need something a bit softer. I also found a glass of cold tap water helps wash away any 'my mouth is missing something' thoughts (another great forum tip)

I must admit that when I got back in the car following my interview I automatically fumbled around on the passenger seat for my fag packet....

Then I remembered 'I don't smoke anymore, that’s why you can't find the packet' lol.... and pear drop no 10 found itself being sacrificed instead.

(a momentary lapse of concentration)

Overall, a successful Day 2 :D Dare I say easier than I expected, similar to yesterday really ? Had a few visits to the board throughout the day to top up the quit stamina and noticed a few people reporting 'difficult days' which encourages me to 'keep my guard up' and not become complacent ?

The old tune.....'there may be trouble ahead' springs to mind ? but I feel like a lean mean fightin' machine at the mo, so I'm off to bed now to re-charge the batteries, ready and waiting to hear that bell go….. Bring On Round 3


p.s Thanks to all, for the replies and words of encouragement from my Day 1 posting. I can’t believe anyone would read through all my blaa blaa ….. lol I’ll have to shorten my daily updates, sorry ! :rolleyes:

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Go Dragon! He'll be throwing that towel in some time soon!

Multiple fingers crossed for a positive outcome of your interview as well.


Another day ticked off. Well done to you.

I know that automatic response DOES wear off!

I quit for 3 years, 6 years ago...its funny I can't remember much about the process (if only I'd recorded my feelings here I might not have been tempted to have ONE cigarette!!!), but I do remember smoking DOES fade and then disappear from your mind. It might pop up occasionally, but it was in a sort of nostagic kind of way.

Have a great day



Hiya Im on day 9 now and still forget myself and look for my packet. Now I find it funny, I can actually see them on the arm of my chair and its only when I reach out for them I realise that I dont have any.

Keep going. It doesnt get easier overnight but as others on here have said if it didnt get better then no one would quit.

When the urge rears its ugly head just remind yourself that you dont want to go through yesterday again.

Good luck

lillie x


Well done you and what a fantastic attitude.

I have a feeling your going to beat this for sure.

Make sure you read as much as you can about what happens to your body when you quit. I had no idea that I would feel like I did and that is when I found this board and it has to be one of the main tools of my quit.

If I was having a bad day or a huge crave I would just come sit and tap away till I felt it passing. I would usually just post total rubbish but thats what it is here for.

Everyone wants to see people do this. I quit just short of a year ago and went CT the first week was not as bad as I thought it would be but thats because I was ill and 'forced' into stopping it crept up on me after the 1st month when I thought yeah I got this beat now and then wham out came Mr Nic. Always be on guard and that way you will win the battle.

Keep us upto date and keep posting.

Good Luck

DING DING round 3 coming up x


Well done on what sounds like an awesome day 2 of being a none smoker!

I'm on my day 2, which is why I found your post.

Sounds like keeping ones gard up is the way to go to make sure that s.o.b Nicotine doesnt creep up and smack us in the face.

I'm having loads of the "I'm missing or not done something" feeling, last night (evening 1) was hell on earth, did my house mate in no end. Sat there all restless, edgy and dam right moany :) - I won though :)

Keep up the good work, show it who's boss once and for all - I know I will be doing.


Great attitude, keep it up!

And may I recommend werthers original, they last ages, taste great, and do not scrape the roof of your mouth off. They were a great help to me in the early days of my quit!



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