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Ding, ding, seconds out, Round/Week 2!


Hi y'all

I have an announcement to make. Even though saying this feels like I'm having an out-of-body experience, today marks my inauguration to my SECOND WEEK OF NO PUFF-PUFFS! Aaaaargh. Can hardly believe it.

Dare I say it, something in me feels like it's slowly (and I do mean s-l-o-w-l-y) becoming a habit to NOT smoke (que?). Sure, this feeling weighs no more than a nanu-gram but it's a damn fine feeling to have.

No worries though - I'm not being complacent. At the same time, I can also feel the pull of the very wingey 'oh, just one won't hurt', etc. Such a wingey voice, that one! And there are lots of associations with having a puff that I encounter every day.

But I'm still marvelling that I've managed 8 days. I swear I couldn't manage 1 hour, or even fending off one tempting thought. I'm getting lots of practice now at fending off these thoughts on a regular basis!

Thank you sooooooooooooo much freesmileys.org/smileys/smi...

TEAM WORK! For which I'm reeeeally grateful :D

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Eeek, thanks Jenny and TractorGirl.

I hadn't thought about DOUBLE FIGURES.....How exciting! Thanks for another incentive freesmileys.org/smileys/smi...

Folks can learn a ton from your totally+ve attitude.

You're a shining light, BP.

Well done!!!!!!!!!

Aw, fanks Steve, but I swear it's because of the support of the wondrous peeps on this Forum that is bringing out the best in me......normally I'm a grumpy old git! Ha, ha! Well, maybe not quite that bad... ;)

I bet you're not, Badge. You come across as being fiesty, fun and full-on determined and I think you have exactly the mind-set you need for your quit to be a straight to the Penthouse success.

Well done you! :)

Thanks for your encouragement Skiddaw.

The emotional roller-coaster continues - I felt soooooooo down today, and the usual mental 'chorus' piped up with 'aw, just one fag and you'll feel ever so better', 'a good draw on a fag will put everything to rights'.


Even though it's early days in Quitsville, I feel I have enough under the belt (can barely believe I'm writing that!) to make me feel really, really bad if I did cave in, so I'll just have to suffer all these hurly burly emotions until everything settles down.

Time for some stirring music to keep one's pecker up for the journey! youtube.com/watch?v=XWXQUhB...

Well done Badgepup, love the karate pic :D

Hi Helene

Depressed :( Just got in from being out this evening - going to do a post/thread/whatever as have been GAGGING for a fag constantly....

Do a crossword, some sit ups, clean the curtains, destroy the ashtray or go to bed. Do whatever you need to to distract yourself. You are doing great !


Allo BP, hope you got through OK !!

I've never been a good boy, and have been challenging my triggers, slowly, hesitantly, but constantly. I bet you've experienced tons of triggers, hence the cravings.

Don't give in, and really, I believe, we are not giving up anything, but rather, gaining a whole lot when we decided to journey on this path. I am amazed that I'm at Day 9, and to be honest, you have been a wondeful, fantastic help to me !

Hope you have a good, smooth (well, maybe bumpy here and there) one today ! :)

Aw, bless ya Edged. I assure you it's mutual support. I love that - it's what we're GAINING, not losing...brilliant. Will keep that with me today. :)

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