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Day 20 Meltdown??

Hi all,

Coo blummy,

Dunno what happened to me in Day 20, have been mad as a hatter urrggh!! Now please don't laugh cos this is gonna sound so silly:o ok laugh if you want to cos I'm over it now:D but it shows my brain isn't quite erm, there yet. It all started yesterday afternoon when my dearly beloved Mum (in deep trouble now but soon to be forgiven) sent me a book called 'How to Knit Your Own Cat'. Yeah right. Why the f*ng HELL would I want to KNIT a CAT???? Either she's lost her marbles or I have lost mine???? I mean, if I knitted one what would I do with it???? Can't say here kitty, kitty or wait for it to go mousing, cos its KNITTED!!!! Okay so she prob thought it would be something to do with my hands. And she meant well but it made me so mad I kinda dreaded what she would do if she wanted to do me an injury. I know I sound ungrateful but it was an expensive book and I could have either got a weeks electricity or a pile of food for that money. And at this stage of my recovery from smoking all I can see is that if I had attempted a pattern that complicated the knitting would be up in the air, the book out the window in flames, and me up the street with a cig in each hand. Grrrr. And the toaster and everything packed up this morning, due to a trip switch when I was getting ready for no stop smoking clinic and only eating so I could take the Champix. Got locked out of my flat TWICE cos lock gone funny. Been yelling, crying, swearing, wanted a cig SOO desperately!! aaaarrrrgggghhhh!! Whats going on????

Feel fine now though:D

Hey guys am cool,


Except when my internet just went off it never rains but it pourshuh.

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And STILL you haven't had a fag!! haha!

Keep it up Zoe!

Knit a cat????????????????????? :-)


Ha ha Barney, can't believe I am still standing:eek:

Oh mothers nice to have them but when they start naggin aka 'meaning well' I kind of feel destructive. :mad:

And no way I knitting a f*kng cat. Good job I have a sense of humour (or I did) but I haven't had a fag:D

And best to keep our mothers off amazon cos goodness knows what they will find too keep us occupied ooeehhrr!!

Gonna make my 3 weeks though yahahaha xx


Have to say you have done soooo well not to cave with all that happening lol. Your post made me laugh though Zoe, maybe you could start a new thread for suggestions for names of knitted cat :D


Hi Claire,

Thanks for laughing, you were supposed to:D

Nearest I can think of for cats names is ' here knitty, knitty ' LOL:(

Am so tired, but maybe my Champix dreams will do the trick??

Am eating now, it helps.



Oh Zoe, that's made me laugh!

Reminded me of the knitted characters on Harry Hill's programme:)

Anyway, despite the knitted cat incident, glad to see you're still going strong and getting through the days.



Thanks Pip,

Hope Champix don't make me dream of k**d c*ts grrrr. Scared to go to bed now :D:eek::confused:


Well, it couldn't be much weirder than my recent dreams! Thankfully they've calmed down now. I couldn't deal with any more dead colleagues or zombies in one month!

Now for a zombie cat with knitting needles!


Nearest I can think of for cats names is ' here knitty, knitty ' LOL:(

Ha ha ... if your knitting's any good I'll buy one and call it knitty ;)

Sounds to me like a classic touch of the 3 Week syndrome.

Around that time of being quit I seriously considered the term I'd get for killing my other half for merely checking and stirring a stew I prepared and put on to cook!

Your hanging on to your humor ... your doing just fine :)


Ah Zoe - very funny. And bless - your Mum is just doing what all Mums do - try to do the right thing, care a lot and end up getting it totally wrong - but ot shows how much they love us and we love them for it, right?

Well done for getting trhrough all the angst without a cigarette and with a sense of humour. Stay strong




You crack me up at times :)

I am just so happy that you have stayed true to yourself and your quit, like all of us you have had your up's and down's. But I am sure you have learned ALOT about yourself in the process and the world lies before you!

You will find a better job!

Your finacial situation will Improve!

You will never be locked out your flat again LOL

Zoe well done!, And for ONCE I'm not gonna say" Stay Strong" cause you have proved just how strong you are !

Well done! and keep it up :)


Never mind Zoe


Thanks for giving us a laugh!


Arrgghh Mrs T where did you get that pic???? (backs away from puta and hides behind a chair trembling) LMAO really:D

And Gary, please don't mention my front door grrrr ....

Had a nice quiet day yesterday recovering from the stress of the day before, guess it was a Week 3 thingy and hope things will settle down a bit now. I can't keep bursting into tears all over my poor next door neighbour, he was over 6ft till I stopped smoking and now I have shrunk him to a measly 5ft 8" already:eek:

Oh well, next time things go wrong I will just think:-




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