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Day 23 - Reducing Patches Early??

Have reduced my patch this morning from a 25mg to 15mg.

I only did 3 wks on the 25mg instead of the suggested 8 wks, so am doing this with with a little trepidation. (I have a 25mg in my bag ready to apply just in case!)

I think I do feel a little better for it, and I don't think it has adversely affected me as regards to my quit. I think I feel a little more like my old self somehow??

Just wondered what length of time other people stayed on the higher dose patches before reducing dosage, and did it have any adverse effects??


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No sure about patches Pip but wanted to say well done on 23 days, keep going !


Hiya Pip. Well done on your quit up to now, soon be a month. I used the patches on the NHS programme, I think I did six weeks on the full strength then four weeks on the next strength and a short while on the lowest. If you feel ok cutting down now, then do so, only you know how you feel. Don't put your quit at risk though, if you think you need a bit longer on the higher strength, do it. David


Hiya Pip,

I say if you can manage on reduced patch then go for it. Sooner the nicotine is out of your system the better. Mind you, being on Champix am nowhere sure what is in store for me here. Adjusting dopamine levels coo blummy. But am depressed tonignt so ignore me and throw things at me lol:D



Hiya Zoe

You're coming to the end of 3 weeks, I had a couple of dodgy days then didnt I ?? Mind you, that bloomin knitting probably pushed you over the edge today lol :D

Had to do something with the patches, kept falling off from everywhere but my chest area. Conseqently my allergy to patches has been tested to it's limit and my chest is permanently on fire at the moment:eek:

The 15mg are a lot smaller so should help my lack of available surface area to stick the damn things onto!!

Stay positive and I hope you have a lovely calm day tomorrow :)



Thanks for the support franco & David :)

No one is more amazed than I am, here I am well on the way to completing a month with no non smoker :D



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