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No Smoking Day
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24 hours over!

24 hours over! Can't quite believe it! I have to thank Champix and all the lovely supportive people on this forum.

Its not been bad at all. I've just had a moment when I thought I'll have a cigarette now, then remembered I don't do that. Strange.

I've eaten some unnecessary chocolate, but who cares!

I'm going to read some more Allen Carr tonight...he feels like a wise friend.

Day 2 coming up, hope it's like today. I think I can deal with it if it is.

Goodnight and thanks for listening X

ps. Champix side-affects (drowsiness and nausea) seems to be almost gone

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Well done on getting this far have a good night sleep!

And stay Strong


Hey Elizabeth

Well done! I think that first 24 hours is soooo hard, but once it's under your belt its onwards and upwards. Stick with it and always remember the "I don't do that any more" attitude! :D



Well done Elizabeth:D

And don't worry about the unneccessary chocolate;)



Well done Elizabeth, it will get better, I really loved reading Allen Carr his book helped me allot, and this forum.:)


well done lizzie,i actualy downloaded allen carrs audio book last night,well my lovely husband did and put it onto his ipod for me which im keeping on me at all times,he really does talk a lot of sense,keep going and actually chocolate is good for colds which is kind of what u get when u quit so keep up with the chocolate too :o .


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