No Smoking Day
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24 hours to the one week milestone!

For some strange reason my nausea has now lifted after force feeding myself soup and feeling totally human again!!! Really can't believe I have actually quit smoking *pinching myself to make sure it isn't a dream*......never thought it was possible!!! Yes I know its early days but as my late brother once said "I am the author of my mind I can control it!". Its coming up to the first anniversary of his death and is what spurred me on to quit. Had a lot of people telling me it was a stupid time to try and give up especially after moving home from abroad but what has happened in the last year made me a stronger person so this was my test! Sorry just feeling feeling super ecstatic right now and had to share! We all should be proud of ourselves and I'm glad to have joined here for the amazing support and stories!!! :):):):):):):):):)

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Congratulations Dolores!! And your brother was right- you are the author and you are in control! You can do this!!


Isn't it just amazing, a whole week done, that so amazing isn't it? But you made that happen and you rightly should be so very very happy, you are doing something amazing for your body doesn't get any better than that!!

I,m so sorry to here you've had a family member pass away. Some how this seems to have given you the knowledge that indeed you can and are quitting smoking.

So let's bring on the next week, doing a fantastic job, just keep going:)


Dolores, its unbelievable right ?? :)

I felt the same in Week 1, and if I sit down and think about it, I still feel the same NOW! :D

It's a continuous discovery journey, where we discover new limits to ourselves, that we can actually do without that weed, today. For me, I don't think too much beyond today. If I don't smoke today, I'm happy, and I'll let tomorrow take care of itself.

Good job on week 1, and hope you get through today, well and good ! Enjoy freedom away from nicotine's chain. Come online, read often and post often.


We just LOVE proud on this forum. Feeling proud of giving up smoking really does help :)

Absolutely spot-on statement from Jenny there. :D

Be proud, Dolores. I bet your late brother is both with you today and chuffed to bits for you. :)

I do hope you will be celebrating your week anniversary?


One week, that's brilliant - well done! :D:):D:)


Thanks everyone for the support. Been a rough little day and had what felt like a 5 hour crave! My fault for having the patch off for 15 hours.....won't be doing that again in a hurry! Makes me wonder what it will be like to go down in strength to the next one......anyways 7 hours and I'm at the week point!!!! :D


Nice one Dolores! :D

Don't worry about the drop in patch strength. When it gets to it you'll be quite ready and I'll bet you anything it won't be a problem. :)


Edging ever nearer to that first week now Dolores, well done that lady! :) xx


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