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day 24 and struggling - help

Hi there - morning to you all. Can anyone tell me why after doing over 3 weeks of not smoking I am having the most terrible urge to smoke (I am on Champix). It really getting me down this weekend as I'm feeling that the only way I will be able to function is with a cigarrette. Feeling really really irritable which isnt helping. Any advice greatly appreciated :confused:

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;) Hi Caz, well I'm new here today i've been stopped 6 days so far, and to me I feel that i have beat the addiction but now I need to fight the habits. With me its eat something then ciggie, drink a beer then ciggie, put the kettle on for a cuppa and ciggie, all ridiculous Habits and that's all they are!. My food does'nt digest any better because i've smoked afterward, neither does my beer taste any better or my cup of tea. Break the association you have with stress and cigarettes, they DO NOT calm your nerves or help you think straight, you've programmed yourself to think this. My advise to you is wrap up warm and get out of the house and walk. Take in everything you see,smell and touch and just get high on fresh air......:D


Thanks guys. These days are cr*p when all I'm thinking about is a ciggie. Surely it should be getting a bit easier now Anyhow, off out this afternoon, hope to take my minds off things. Not caving in to this.


Hi Caz

I'm only a couple of days behind you and I'm having a bad day today. I'm craving a ciggie terrible today, not going to have one but it is making me a bit snappy.:rolleyes:

On the plus side I keep thinking of how much money I have saved.:)


Day 24and struggling

Hi! You're certainly not alone. I stopped on 18th November and for some reason this morning IT HURTS!!!! I'VE SHOUTED AT EVERYONE in the office and am on the verge of tears:(

I keep telling myself that I like being a non-smoker (which I do) - little things like not lighting a fag pushing the supermarket trolley back to the car (how common is that?!)

I notice how smokers smell. I really didn't realise that before. We are going on a two week holiday to the Red Sea for Christmas and New Year and I am determined not to weaken and be one of those sad people clustered outside the airport.

Just typing this is theraputic but it still hurts!!!


Keep it up girl its sooooo woth it, we all have moments where we realy struggle, its nic trying to drag you back in his grip, he will throw anythig at you. hes in his death throes. wich means your WINNING. Yessssss


Hi Prudence,

I have stopped on the 18th November as well, or rather I haven't smoked since the 18th....

I thought the 3rd week was going to be easier that the 2nd week but for some reaon it isn't. I think about ciggies all day.... it drives me mad.


Hi guys - feeling a little better than I did went I last posted. I have cut my Champix from 2 a day to 1 a day as although I would recommend them to anyone who has tried every other method, they do seem to have made me a little bit (a lot) anxious, rather wound up and ready to explode. I'm not getting any cravings and I do feel a little bit calmer now on the lower dose. You would think that at nearly 4 weeks it would start to ease a little bit but weekend was really really hard. Still a huge battle but one I'm determined to win.


Thats the way cazbags, it was never gona be painless, but you seem to have gone through the mill for your quit. It just shows strengh of character, i think your a star.


Hang in there cazbags. The more time you can put between you and your last fag the easier it becomes.Honest!:)


Managed to get thru yesterday but really struggled to keep my temper! Eventually decided the only logical course after such an awful day was to go to bed early and start again in the morning!

Got up this morning feeling a lot better and today hasn't been too bad!

Welcome Francicus - we'll have to keep "tabs(!)" on each other.

Really - thanks for all your encouragment, guys'n'gals!;)


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