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Plan for Reward 2

Halfway through day 8 and feeling very good, I have decided my next reward! I live alone and I am not to clever at ironing my trousers and shirts, so I have arranged to have them picked up by an ironing service on Monday and I will have them returned on Tuesday.

I have no wish to stress myself out, and compared to what I would have spent on cigarettes for a week its a 1/4 of the cost! The rest of the money saved can go towards my next reward,


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wow wat an amazing reward

i would love to do that but with 5 kids i think the ironing will cost more than my old smoking habit lol

well done and i look forward to hearing about your next reward


well done and what a great idea for a reward. Enjoy not having to do your ironing and don't forget to share your next reward with us :D


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