Any ideas for "Rewards"?

I'm sure this has been asked many times before on this forum but, as many others have identified, the "I've finished work" cigarette or the "I've done the ironing" cigarette, was a reward for a task completed.

I know we have to get it out of our heads that cigarettes aren't a reward as BibleBlack and others have pointed out, but what do you do when you've finished the ironing? I don't want to rely too heavily on food in that respect because I don't want to gain lots of weight. Is a cup of tea sufficient to be a reward? I'm not sure it is for me.

My house is turning into a complete tip as I cant face housework. After every room cleaned and tidied I would have a 5 minute sit down with a cigarette.

I'm not too bothered at the moment but without rewards, what is there too look forward too? The thought of living longer etc doesn't do it. I need something tangible.

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  • Denise 66

    Sorry Denise that I didn't mention you. You are my unofficial quit partner. I think you are doing amazingly well and you are there in my thoughts. Thank you for your message. I'm just not a good motivator right now. Hoping to move to week 3 together xxxxxxxx

  • Oh you and me both!!!

    The ciggie was always the reward! But - heart disease, cancer etc - not much of a reward is it??

    I have got a box of cadbury's chocolate fingers:rolleyes:

    I have to restrict myself to four but they are great with a cup of tea and not SO different to holding a ciggie!

    I know you didn't want to rely on food - neither do I - but these are my only sins really. :o

  • Maybe just put money in a jar at each reward point then terat yourself to shoes, handbag, chocolate then there is enough!!



  • Hi Joe

    I know exactly what you mean and find myself quite often forgetting for a split second that i dont smoke, and the the chore i was going to do dont seem so appealing. Like at the weekend i would always have a ciggy before cleaning out the guinea pigs, and have a ciggie before approaching the ironing.

    Well what i do now is have a lolly, i know it isnt the same but keeps my mouth and hands busy, and you can get sugar free which lowers the calorie intake.

    Hope you are feeling more positive soon, keep going hun, every minute you do is one minute less to all these weird and strange withdrawels we are having going away.



  • Lollies - that's brilliant!! They're just like frozen water really aren't they? And I can twiddle and chew the stick afterwards. Will buy a few boxes tomorrow xxx Thanks Jerry and Nic too and thanks Nic for your post on the other thread - Im going to start screaming any time soon.

    Not sure I like the way the posts fall in this forum - like day 1, week 1, week 2 etc. It's like we're doing time!!! Couldn't it be categorized like Horrendous Day/ On the Brink/ Doing Better/ Need urgent support/ Feeling Great?? I feel like I'm in prison.

  • Not sure I like the way the posts fall in this forum - like day 1, week 1, week 2 etc. It's like we're doing time!!! Couldn't it be categorized like Horrendous Day/ On the Brink/ Doing Better/ Need urgent support/ Feeling Great?? I feel like I'm in prison.

    To be said in the style of some old Kung Fu master with droopy moustache

    "Look at it as a ladder, which you you are climbing to freedom!"

    BTW the "prison" you are in is nicotine addiction!

  • How about

    an orgasm.....

    No really..... in my younger years.... after every 1 hour studying... orgasm... now I am getting a bit too old to do it every hour (LOL)... but as a woman.... go for it...

    I have decided to workout several times a day... the reward is the sensation of Whooooaaaaaa.... and sometimes some very yummy Grand Marnier or chocolate...

    BUT I never saw smokes as a reward... more like a necessity... I never had a smoke for good behaviour or something I did that I was supposed to do anyway.... so it is different for me...

  • I can't stop laughing now Steve!! Thank you. My stress has dissolved. I'll be giggling about that to myself all day tomorrow. What is team monkey bar steward and why is Denise in it and I'm not and how do I get in it?

  • Hi Joe

    I know what you mean and I know i have only beem quit this time 8 weeks been quitting with only little lapses for 22 months. At the start I felt the same I dont know how but the feeling just gose with time. After you have done things a few times your brain gets used to doing it with out a fag. Please remember to treat yourself you and Denise are doing so well. Remember GIRL POWER.xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Joe

    To join the team its down the bottom in general, its for all Jan 09 quitters.

    Hope today is a better day for you. And like Linda says i think we just got to give it a bit of time hun and those feelings will eventually go. Hang in there. Remember Girl Powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :) thanks Linda.

    Maybe we should of had a Girl Power team :D



  • Well done Girls at the end of today you have done two full weeks. Starting week three tomorrow before you know it you will be on months. HEHE. Have a good day both.xxxxxx

  • Rewards


    I don't reward myself for a job that needs doing ?

    But what I do is when I get the urge to smoke is go and do some thing,like clean the bottom of my frying pan,or give my cooker a quick wipe over,do the washing up,mop the floor :D The list is endless,but when you walk into your kitchen or anywhere in your house the reward is,its looking good and that makes me feel good :D

    I am saving the Deep fat fryer till I have a really sh*t day

    Lol and keep the faith (cheers tonyx) :D

  • Hi Joanne

    There are lots of ways to treat yourself not after every job or hurdle or whatever but maybe weekly or fortnightly depends what you need I bought a new lippy last week or sometimes I'll buy a mag but my big treat for later in the year is a holiday,don't know where yet and may even invite myself to stuarts in time for little ones 3rd birthday hows that for a treat :D

    love margaret

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