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No Smoking Day
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Day 2 but I have gone to Plan B

Hi Folks

Day 2 for me. I'm better now although I was climbing the walls this morning with going cold turkey. I decided to go and buy some patches. I don't know whether it's psychological but I put a patch on and feel better.

Don't go me wrong I'm still finding it difficult but hey we all know it's not easy. I have drunk so much green tea that I popping to the loo every 5 minutes! Oh well it's better than popping out for a smoke all the time.

I will not let this flaming thing beat me this time and I know I have a long rocky road ahead of me but I will get to that Penthouse (with your support ;))

I really can see now what my parents meant when they used to say I would regret ever starting smoking but at that time being a teenager I thought I knew best.

Ok, Ok, I admit You was right Mum & Dad!! :o

Hope you are having good days

Tinks xx

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Hi Tink

Great to see you had a plan B on hand it must be hell going CT from day 1. You know where we are if you need any support. (and if ive learnt anything during my quit its more likely to be WHEN you need support.) So dont be afraid to come see us ...you know you are an honourary Octo anyway, we are with you all the way and look forward to pulling up chair in the penthouse and chatting about the good old bad old days of day 2

see you there


Hi Tinks

Do whatever helps you get through this in the most less painful way for you.

I tried CT but after 2 or 3 days went and got patches. I got the 24hr ones, big mistake for me and so expensive. I only used about 4 or so due to the dreams and the waking up from the dreams. Turned out I wasn't a very heavy smoker and needing that strength which is designed for people who wake in the night and smoke . . . . . yuk. Even as a smoke I would have thought yuk to that.

What strength you buy?

Have fun with the dreams if you wear them at night. I did enjoy some of the dreams but I needed sleep more than fun dreams.

All the best with completing day 2 :)

Pol x


Hi Tinks :D

Day 2 is great just hang in there

Just go with what's best for you OK the road ahead may be rocky att imes but I promise the further you go along it the easier it gets

We're all here to help/support as and when you need us Promise


Marg xx


Hi Tinks

Go for it just remember this

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. so get :mad: at that little nicotinedemon.

Come on hun 1 day at a time


Hello my angel

Day 2 was the worst day for me (I keep saying that) but it really was. I could never have done this CT so I think the patches are a very good idea.

Start knitting and buy lollipops! You are doing really well my lovely, you really are.

xx hug


Hi Tinks,

Get day 3 out of the way and its a lot easier from there.

There are some moments of cravings to come, but all of us longer term ex smokers loved our fags just as much as you did, and we managed to beat it, so Im sure you will too.

Keep it up, I can't believe how easy it is now, it gets better I promise you!



Hi Tinks

Hope it's getting better. Well done for starting again. You know it does get better and you know we're all here for you. Keep going and use whatever help is available!



Hi Tink,

Well done on making the decission to use the patches instead of turning back to the life of smoking, I'm sure CT would be very difficult and I know I wouldn't have had the will power to do CT.

I'm on day 2 today and like you had a rocky start to the monring however after putting my patch on I seem to overcome the urge for a cigarette.

Keep up the good work and I wish you much success.



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