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Changed my mind

What the hell. The Champix are not working, I have been craving for over 8 hours now and my face obviously does not fit on here. I want a cigarette. So disapointed by my failure to be, but I have been so strained and stressed over the last few days I wonder if it is worth it.

So sorry to let anyone down but I have reached the end of my endurance.

Good luck to everyone else though.


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Zoe I have replied to you hope you are ok.


Hi Maria, and thanks for your reply to my other post. I apologize to everyone for my major rant :o and paranoia :o but today has been so hard when I wasn't expecting it after a good day yesterday. But I guess this is part of the process. Surely I shouldn't be this bad-tempered tho?? But at least I didn't smoke and am calming down now phew!! Dem craves can kick in when they want to but with help we don't have to give in.

Zoe :)


Hey Zoe,

I quit using patches so cant offer advice re champix, sorry.

October 09 saw a whole bunch of folk quit and form a 'group'. Of this group approx 4 took champix and if memory serves, one maybe two of those were only beginning to feel the champix kick in around day 14 to 16 and at that point, were still smoking albeit just a few.

There was, not so long after I found this site, a group formed for Champix users. Check the 'Quick Links' pull down menu and click on Social Groups ... scroll down and look for Champix Group or similarly named group.

As for you feeling you don't fit ... your here to quit and you fit in just fine. Your going through some major changes both psychically and mentally.

Go gentle on yourself :)

Hang in there, just maybe the champix needs another day or so?

Best Wishes


PS Champix group is named 'Champix Crew'


hey zoe

i didnt quit with champix so dont always feel like i can advise accurately

but you are going through big changes and will feel all sorts of emotions especially a temper only natural

but it all will get easier as time goes by and it will be so worth it

read all u can knowledge is definately power

knowing and understanding all i was going through by reading is wat got me through the tough times

stay strong


Hi Pol and Boo and thanks for your advice :D and I still haven't given in to smoking no matter how long that horrible crave went on lol!! Will follow up on all advice given, and sorry again for the paranoia :o xx


Hey zoe

Hey zoe we've reached day 5 sorry you were having such a rough time. Hope today will be better for you. Best of luck .


Hi Zoe. Sorry you had a rough time of it yesterday. Champix isn't a miracle, and these still happen. BUT! Today is another day, and if you follow other peoples threads from their early quits, you will see that quite often, there is a calm after the storm as people bounce back from feeling awful. Day five is real progress! Do something nice for yourself today, and celebrate the progress that you have made.

It really, really does get easier - just hang on in there...


Hey Zoe, you rant all you like, swear, scream and shout, we can take it. You are doing brilliantly to get to day 5, you have got thorugh the worst of it, so I hope you continue with your quit. Just dont beat yourself up about it.

Good Luck



Hi Zoe, sorry you're having such a hard time. I'm taking Champix as well and it does help me but its still no walk in the park. After all, we're talking about quitting something that has dominated our whole life (well, it did for me anyway). I've experienced a whole range of emotions from euphoria to despair, you name it. You're doing fantastic though, keep going with it. I've been trying to eat healthy and avoid high sugar food as I think blood sugar fluctuates a lot when you stop smoking.


Hi Zoe

I'm on day 9 using patches, but my OH is on day 10 using Champix. He got to day 14 and although he had only smoked 6 that day (as oppose to the usual 36!), he felt that he still needed some willpower to kick those final few. I don't think Champix is the miracle cure he thought it was, but it's obviously doing something for him as he's been stopped now for 10 days.

I can totally sympathise with the rages, I have behaved far worse than my 8yr old daughter at points during the last 9 days, however despite the rages and the fact I feel ill with a cold today I am so glad that I didn't give in as it's really starting to ease up now. Sending you best wishes, keep up the good work x


Champix quitter too

I know it can be rough. You're doing great to get this far. I think champix helps but my goodness how iratable was I in my first no smoking week. It will get better honest!!!

Stay with it!!


Thank you thank you thank you !!

Aw everybody, thank you so much for all the lovely replies:D I was scared to log in to the site today in case I was offensive last night cos I was in such a horrible mood :o Would understand if everyone hated me cos I am awful when not smoking.

But today has been so much better lol!! I went to my first stop smoking clinic, and even though only one other person turned up it was nice to have someone to talk to. AND my carbon monoxide reading was zero lol that gave me such a buzz:D

And it has been a glorious sunny day here in Cardiff, so I went for a walk in the park, it seems to be my sanctuary at the moment!

So thanks everyone for being here, I wouldn't even have started my quit without you, but you are the guys and gals who give me my inspiration. Can't believe I am in Day 6, not so long ago I couldn't quit for one hour lol!

Love to all,

Zoe ;)


But today has been so much better lol!!

Told you!!!!

Glad to hear that you survived your crappy day yesterday Zoe. You will be stronger for having gone through it - now you can be more confident.

And anyway, it is going to get easier!


well done you!:)

great that you made it through those horrible days things can only get better now eh?

maysie x


Heehee Mrs T, I am ecstatic that I didn't smoke yesterday and not today either:D Reckon tomorrow will be easier too cos I am so determined to make it to a week, and only have to wait till Friday lunchtime yeaa:D And I'm getting so much more excercise too - walking off my craves around the park. I so want to be fit and healthy and am determined to get there!!



Hi Maysie:D it was so cool to get through the horrors I had yesterday phew:eek: But today is so much better, just like Mrs T said it would be, and for the first time I am happy not to be smoking. And I feel better prepared in case another dodgy day comes along, cos I got through one so I can get through another! Hope your quit is going well too.

Take care,



Hi Zoe

Well done! I think we can be stronger than we give ourselves credit for along this journey.

I've realised now that if I can just get through that 1 bad day, tomorrow always seems to be better. The mind can be a cruel thing and it feels like a fight on the bad days, but how proud of yourself you can be that you've beaten the bad days and won. I'm starting to understand the advice people give about taking just 1 day at a time and it really helps. I can wake up in the morning feeling renewed willpower, despite going to bed miserable after a bad day. I'm now having 2 good days on the trot and hopefully that will then become 3 and 4, I actually feel like I'm beating this slowly !!

Most of all we are winning the battle day by day.

Well done for getting through and keep up the good work.

Pip x


Hi Pip,

You are right, we are stronger than we think we are. I remember how scared I was of stopping smoking, which is crazy knowing how much damage smoking causes. And I was terrified of leaving myself without cigarettes overnight cos I thought something terrible would happen to me lol! I am still a bit scared of the craves in case I cave in on one of them, but I am learning how to deal with them better now. And it felt great yesterday to be not smoking:D Can't wait till tomorrow when it will be a week:D

Zoe x


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