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Mind Games


Im really typing this list as a distraction/diversion - half of me is laughing, the other half is almost convinced the following is a list of circumstances that justify just the one ciggie!!

Ha, ha - if I knew my imagination was so fertile I might have looked at writing a book...

Here is the list at the moment.....please add at will!!!

mates mum not very well and I need to be calm for my friend - smoking will..stabilize my voice

Have to give a presentation at work tomorrow

Partner called me fat

If I smoke one cigarette, I wont like it, which will prove I have quit

The whole day was bad and only a cigarette can calm me - which has to be better than high blood pressure

Im having a glass of wine and so I will make nicotine the new cheese - a treat rather than a habit

One cigarette a day is fine, and my one is going to be now

If I put on weight then Im better off smoking than eating for my health, of course!

Cold turkey is too severe - so smoking in the garden is fine until Feb 1st

It really is possible to not inhale

It isnt my fault - Im an addict and my horrible boss drove me to smoke this by moaning about my work

It isnt my fault - Im an addict and my horrible sister drove me to smoke this by over loading me with family problems

It isnt my fault - I was doing fine until my partner turned into a nit picking idiot when I was already upset by my boss and annoyed by my sister!!

I am not actually starting again - Im just going to buy 10 as a stand by packet for emergencies

If you can find one cigarette anywhere in the house you are allowed to smoke it without it counting as a cigarette because IF you had known it was there you would have already smoked (this one is really good!!)

Helps a bit - still smoke free, just xxx

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Aww pda...loads of mind games going on. But you're only fooling yourself. You're doing well, don't drop a bollock now. The idea of a cigarette is much more lucious and tasty than the real thing...I've quit loads of times (probably so have you)...remember that first ciggie after you've been quit for a while. It tastes bloody rank. It's just tomfoollery of the mind and illusions. Honestly just get through tonight and you will think differently tomorrow.

Lisa x

It all sounds so plausible doesn't it?

It's your inner junkie. You've brought him into the open. Give him a face. He's dirty, gaunt, greasy haired, with foul blotches on his skin, bad teeth and a wheedling voice. He's bargaining with you because he's desperate. Give in to me, he says, and I'll shut up. I'll just hang around, I'll stay out of sight, and you can throw cigarettes at me.

You don't want him around because eventually that nasty little creature will be the death of you. You don't want his smell. You don't ever want to hear his voice.

So for now, you have to stick your fingers in your ears and go 'LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING'. Keep doing it, he'll get quieter and quieter until he gives up altogether and buggers off. Might knock on the door once in a while on the offchance, but you can slam it in his face, no problem

Don't go there. Don't. This too shall pass. Stay strong.


I am doing Allen Carr - just like you it seems and am dead impressed by your quit stats.

Have to say at the moment Im pretty sure Allen Carr is a big fat liar calling it EasyWay...........not going to smoke though - just gonna whine and moan til Im a friendless geek ha ha xxx

You really touched me with that H - powerfully written, I thank you


ha ha ha....not sure whether you're talking to me concerning quit stats or helsbelles who has just entered the penthouse I believe :)

But if it was me then thanks...must say I'm surprised myself and a bit proud as I never thought I'd manage it. Like I say it does get easier day by day. It might not feel like it now but it does. I s'pose with any method it takes determination and the old enthusiasm will wane at times...this is where you just have to confirm to yourself why you want to quit. You've just said it yourself on another post, you're feeling the benefits already walking up all them stairs.

I do empathise concerning the family problems and especially about the boss at work. I'm having a hard time of it in those areas myself but I'm just digging my heels in. I don't want my boss to have been the cause of my smoking failure as they will have won twice over. So stuff em and come on here and whine away, that's what this forum is here for....maybe we can keep our friends. By moaning on here they won't get the brunt of it.

Tomorrow is another day.

Lisa x

Quit stats were for you - well impressed.......though Im impressed with myself at under 2 weeks which might take the gloss of it a bit - hugs and HUGE congrats to you on your quit, I am following where you stepped xx

Cheers...it's funny after a bit you kinda stop counting. I s'pose that's a good thing. But what are you on about nearly two weeks is amazing...it's massive going! Honestly, at two weeks I was shamoning like Michael Jackson.

Well done! Like I say treat yourself...I bought myself the new Captain America DVD at two weeks quit and a new camera this week (I've saved £500...amazing) :)

Lisa x

Hey Lisa - my OH has no job at the mo soooooooo after week 1 when I had saved 50 I spent 10 treating me .........my OH went a little mad.........

which is a bit where I was with the list......I could really easily have smoked then but who would it hurt most, I was like - you aint gonna make me smoke mate!!

I mean I could go down the........

Look what you made me do


but would still be me smoking lol

Mildly nervous about the stresses on our relationship.......but you know what, (whispers) I think he is a bit of a wanker so will be his loss he he he

Sorry to hear your OH has no job...but you're right, the only person it would affect if you made him your excuse to light up would be you.

There's loads of stresses on relationships these days, maybe him being out of work is majorly getting him down and he's just lashing out at his nearest and dearest....or maybe like all of us can be at times...he is indeed a tommy tanker (having a pop at someone for spending their well earnt tenner is a bit harsh but stress makes us to do silly things). Hope it all works out...but smoking will not improve the situation or make you feel better. You're doing great in adversity.

Luv Lisa x

Great Post

Day 109:


Brilliant list, I recognise many of the lame excuses for wanting a smoke, esp the

"If I smoke one cigarette, I wont like it, which will prove I have quit"

One day at a time and never quit quitting

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