No Smoking Day
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1 day down 100000000000 to go!

Well I made it through day 1!

The worst bit for me is getting up and not having that 1st 2nd and 3rd fag with my cuppa!

So I didn't go in the conservatory as usual and smoke and drink, I sat in lounge with my hubby and had my tea. Just seems so weird!

Still determined though so bring on day 2!

Bev x

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well done bev - with out the first day there can be no more!

yeah will seem wierd for a while. Your doing the right thing by changing the habits - i.e not sitting where you would normally sit will help to break all the psychological chains - hope it goes well for you today - just post on here if you need to not think about smoking - typing helps to do something with the hands :)


Thanks Bman,

I am not getting much done today though, all I want to do is flick from facebook to this forum coz like u say u want to do something with your hands!

Well never mind, sod the housework! as long as i'm not smoking it doesnt matter!

Bev x:)


Hi Bev,

Good luck with your quit. I personally used an electronic ciggie so you might find it helpful to emulate smoking with a pen or similar, but only when it urges are at their most strongest.

Remember the first 3 days are the hardest, its all uphill from there :-) Count the hours, mins, seconds sometimes, but you can do it!



well done keep it up coming on here will really help you and keep your hands busy lol



Good luck Bev!

I completed my second day at 16:00 today, I've gone cold turkey and so far so good. Now is the difficult time as I've put my feet up (they've been up all day to be honest) and having a beer.

I never smoked in the house - it's below freezing so I'm not missing the garden.

...oh and I've saved £12...well I would have if I hadn't visited iTunes.



The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lau-Tzu (Chinese Philosopher)

The first days of a quit are probably the most important of all, and certainly for many, the most challenging also. Good luck on these first few steps to freedom from the nicotine addiction.



Thanks guys for all your words of support, I am now sitting down with a large vodka and now going to order a chinese as my treat! To be honest I haven't been too bad today, it is weird coz all of a sudden you just get a wave come over you telling you that you want a ciggy but if you just breathe deep you can overcome the craving and it only lasts for a minute.

Thanks again,

Bev x


Hi Bev

Welcome back hun. Well done on your new quit Onwards to day 2.xxxxx


Hi Linda,

You are the only person I have seen on here who was here the last time I quit, Well done honey you have done fantastically well, you beat it in the end!

Bev x


Well dolne Bev - you've cracked it - it'da wave that washes over you and moves along. Hold onto that thought, those waves will pass.


Well done bev,

Hope you enjoyed your chinese!!



It's a really good idea to change your routine in the early days, well done to you. It helps a lot to learn about nicotine and the things we believed about cigarettes. Our signatures have good websites and there are lots of posts which will help.



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