11 Months Done Elliekez

Hey Ellie

11 months hun almost there ... Wow what a 11 months it has been.... Broken hill there and back, new business , trying to persuade your OH to quit and not killing him as he tried, a new arrival :), all done without a moan or a fuss supporting everyone here from down under, So proud of you Ellie ....

ok will hide now as your pm will arrive soon and i daren't open it .........

well done you xx

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  • Well done Ellie, 11 months is amazing. Really plased for you. :)

  • 11 months is cool ellie ...you must feel brilliant.

    Almost a year, inspired by you..well done matey :)

  • Big congrats, Aussie girl! Penthouse next! Well done you! xx

  • well done ellie - see you in the penthouse in a month for a celebration :D

  • Well done Ellie....wow 11 months.

    ....congratulations too on becoming a Grandma....what a special gift.

    Love & hugs

    Lorna xxx

  • Well Done on 11 months may your final trip to the Penthouse be an easy one :D

  • Fantastic Ellie, the count down to the Penthouse starts here. You should be one very proud lady for many many reasons.

  • Eleven months :cool: Amazing, well done Ellie, the Penthouse next.

    Warmest congrats (belatedly) but all round, especially on the lovely new little grand chap :)

    Pol xx

  • Excellent Ellie.

    Less than a month to go...but you'll get there before the majority of us even waken.

    Just light the barbie and chill the beers and we'll slowly waken up and join you for a breakfast beer and burger :cool:

  • Wow

    Time has flown by Ellie, well done on 11 months, looking forward to chatting in the Penthouse.


  • Well done Ellie Kez-Nearly in the penthouse!.

    Out of interest do alot of people in Australia smoke or not?

    I kindof imagine you all running around on th beach and being very outdoorsy and healthy?

  • I would like to thank you all for your kind comments......I hardly ever think about smoking that much anymore...except to think someone (OH:rolleyes:)stinks.....looking forward to the penthouse:D....Trip planning is going well ty Chrissie....The new grandson is a delight....and will never know me as stinky Nan:eek::D.....Yes Jude there are stacks of smokers here.....I didnt really realise how many till I gave up smoking myself.....WOW the penthouse next....who would have thought...xxxxx

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