11 Callendar Months

Hi All :D

I have been quit for 11 Months (334 days).

I have saved £2,287.91

By not smoking 8,350 cigarettes.

I have saved 4 Weeks, 23 hours and 50 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date: 17/11/08

Feeling very proud of myself today and my health has improved so much

Went to the IOW Monday till Friday and managed to walk up the cliff path around 6 miles each way so pleased with that as well also did a lot of other walking while there


Marg xx

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  • Well done you and you have been a great help to all on here so be proud and keep running up them thar hills

  • Hi Caroline :D

    Thanks for the message don't know about running but getting there anyway :D

    If I have helped at all that makes me very happy


    Marg xxxxx

  • I'll drink to that....Well done Marg you are awesome:D....and the big glass is yours!!

  • Hey Marge,

    That's fantastic - only 1 month till you join the big party in the penthouse.:D

    (I'm jogging along a few months behind you - I still can't catch you up, but I'm still there!)


  • Big Congratulations Marg. Glad you enjoyed your holiday, seems like it was a busy one.

    Love Jackie x

  • Well done Margaret on your 11 months, something to be proud about. Love. David xxx

  • Hi Kaz :D

    Thankyou I enjoyed that lovely big glass of wine with my lunch

    Hi Deke :D

    Yep just a month to the Penthouse, sorry you can't catch me but you're still jogging on behind and that's all that matters keep going I'll be there to open the door for you OK

    Hi Jackie :D

    Thanks it was a great holiday and we enjoyed it very much it was years since I walked so far in one day and I feel so much better than I did as a smoker even climbed the walls of an old castle as well

    Hi David :D

    Thankyou I'm feeling really well and yes very proud as well


    Marg xxx

  • Superb :D

    Any point of stopping smoking is a great place to be.

    To be on 11 months is so very fulfilling and place of great pride.

    Well done you.

    Keep on keepin' on,

    Cav :)

  • Hi Cav :D

    Thanks for the message

    Yep 11 months feels just great and I intend to keep on keeping on :D


    Marg xx

  • Hi Chrissie :D

    Thanks for the message and Mickey Mouse I always did like him :p :D


    Marg xxx

  • CONGRATULATIONS, MARG!!! Big huge well done from me as well :) I hear construction at the penthouse is well on its way and your part is almost all finished..... Shabba wasn't allowed to send pics of the inside but here is a quick peak for ya from the outside of your part of the penthouse! Bet ya gonna start running even faster now ;) Love, Bella

  • Hi Marg.

    Only 1 month to the penthouse.Well done.


  • Marge, FANTASTIC!!!!!! 1 month to go for 1 year!!!! Jody

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!:rolleyes:

  • Hi Bella :D

    Thanks for the message and the pic of the outside of my bit of the penthouse

    Yep for sure I'll start running much faster now can't wait to get there and see inside as well,shhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I'll try and sneak you a pic from inside Promise

    Hi Wayne :D

    Thanks yep nearly there now and feeling great

    Hi Jody :D

    Thankyou for the message

    Hi Thomas :D

    Thanks feeling great and very proud of myself


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg

    That's brilliant. Well done. I think you're marvellous for the way you're always there to help 'us newbies' with words of encouragement and congratulations.

    As well as your own 11 months, you're probably responsible for helping other people stay off the cigarettes.

    Big congratulations


  • Hi Sue :D

    Thankyou for the message very much appreciated

    If I'm able to help newbies along the way then it makes me happy to help as I was helped when I arrived here as a newbie


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Many congratulations on your 11th calendar month done. Smells like success that now doesn't it eh!

    be proud! i would be!


  • Hi Jase :D

    Thankyou for the message You're right it does smell like success but am not letting my guard down just yet if ever

    Have never been this far before but have let my guard down many times before and wham straight back to square one I went

    I am very proud and you'll also get there so be proud of where you are now


    Marg xxx

  • Mum, What can I say?

    So sorry I missed this, but as you know I have been away myself for work (again!) and we also have Mrs StuartH's Mum staying with us.... hectic isn't the word!

    Anyway - huge congrats on your 11 months, can't wait to welcome you to the penthouse.

    You do so much for so many people, the forum is a much better place for having you visit it :D

    We are all very proud of you.... Well done!

  • Hi Stuart :D

    Thanks for the message

    Don't worry I knew you were very busy anyway with Mum in Law there and away for work as well

    Soon be joining all you year 1+ ers in the Penthouse :D


    Mum xxxx

  • marg, abit late but

    Huge Congratulations

    You are an inspiration xxxx

  • Hi Sam :D

    Thanks for the message

    I don't know about an inspiration but if I can help others as I was helped when I arrived here a very nervous newbie then that makes me a happy bunny


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Missed it! Sorry I am late my surrogate mother, I have not been on for a while. 11 months is spectacular!!! Watch your step running down that hill to the penthouse!! You gave been a true inspiration and a good corner fighter too! Love to you xxxxx

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