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Day 5 Feel FANTASTIC!!

Hi Guys

Thanks a mill for yesterday, you guys sure helped ALOT!

Well my quit counter says 4D 11h 43m

I quit smoking 7:30 pm Sunday the Sunday the 18th September 2011, TODAY feels fantastic, I made a mental decision not to get upset if the concentration becomes an issue, I will rather do somne more mundane tasks like filing etc.

Cravings etc I have to admit I feel great, On a lighter note My OH was reading through yesterdays post and ask what is OH soo I reply "Other Half" with out missing a beat she says you sure it's not "OLD HAG" lord she make me laugh!!

With the end result after seing me make it to day 5 she has decided to quit !!


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Well done Gary and tell the Mrs well done for deciding to quit as well.

Me and my OH quit together and so far it feels like the best decision we have ever made. He has smoked for 50 years and I for about 24ish give or take a few attempts to quit. We are now 33 days smoke free.

I am not saying it is easy and even now we still get an urge and fleetingly doubt our decision to quit but we can easily overcome them and we know that we don't want to go back to smoking.

Glad you are feeling really great today. It is Friday after all :D treat yourself to something nice this weekend for doing so well.

Keep up the great work



well done gary!! delighted for you, you sound very happy and positive today...keep up the good work! :)


Hey Gary, glad you are doing so well, good luck to your Old Hag too LOL :-)



Well it's weekend!

I Wont be posting but I will touch base with everyone on monday!

Monday should be Day 8!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


You too :D

Speak Monday



Have a great w-e.



well done gary!!:)


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