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Day 5 : Feeling kind of better

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So, this is my fifth day of cold turkey quitting. In five days i've eaten like a polar bear, slept like a koala, had a fight with my girlfriend, but i haven't touched a single bloody cigarette.

Today i've actually felt good from time to time. For a few moments i didn't even think about cigarettes! Tomorrow i'm going to go to the gym, to see if my body is reacting better to those weights.

Cold turkey, in my opinion, is the only good way of quitting.

First time i quit was with patches. I lasted a week, and the second i took off my last patch i asked for a cigarette. Second time i quit was with gums.

It was my fifth day without cigarettes, and i had to take only two gums. But the second i started drinking with my friend i started smoking again.

Cold turkey is working better. Getting nicotine, in one form or another, just delays the inevitable and spreads the withdrawal symptoms.

Three days of hell, that's what you get with cold turkey. But i think that this time things are going to work.

See you tomorrow :D

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caner, I agree cold turkey is the only way, 1 month for me now but still fighting the battle every day, nicotine may be out of your body in three days but your brain still craves it for a long time, for me its getting more and more manageable as time goes on but its still a b*****d. Like you started weight training have got a bit obsessed with it lost two stone find it helps me through difficult times. Best of luck, stay strong and focused and it's definitely achievable but it's not an easy ride.


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Everyone's different. They key is to find out what works for you.

I don't believe 'cold turkey' would work best for me for several reasons. But it worked great for my dad -- well over 30 years ago, and he never smoked another cigarette in his life. He swore by it.

Good luck. It certainly sounds like it's the way forward for you as well.

Keep up the great example! :)

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I think exercise is pretty key, actually- I'm realising now that the 5 days of the week when I cycled to work, the cravings weren't so bad and my mood was really up, but over the weekend when I've done nought but sit around & knit, the cravings are STRONG and my mood is in the gutter!

I'm actually looking forward to my week starting again, for the opportunity to ride- imagine that, looking forward to Monday! Next weekend I should plan some exercise, for sure.

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hi Caner, i am a italian man and i am joint at this forum for about 15 mounths,

i quit smoker for 616 days, i can say to you time is very important, i am free now,i don't think to smoke for long time and life is better now! I'd like wish to you much tenacious and determination because they are the only secret to become free! bye Caner

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Hiya Caner, fellow cold turkeyer.

I too had a lot of failed quits using NRT and have found cold turkey the most effective method by far. I'm nearly 7 weeks quit and don't want a fag. I also believe that you have to be in the right mindset to be able to do this thing. A half-assed attempt is just that and ends up with you smoking again. Well done on day 5...get the first week under your belt and it gets easier (well it did for me). You could join the cold turkey group...I'm trying to resurect it as people seem to only post in there once a year LOL!......anyway lets well and truly cook this turkey baby and give up fags once and for all.

Lisa x

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Exercise is great because of all the extra wind and stamina you have with not smoking. However, don't fall into the trap of replacing nicotine with adrenolin. Overtraining can stress you out especially if you are already stressed with the cold turkey. You need days of rest!

Good luck

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Firstly Kudos on taking the CT route... I think several points have been made above and all are key - the right frame of mind and exercise.. I started a exercise regime a couple days ago and I definately think it is helping. Keep up the efforts and congrats on getting to the end of your first week :)

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