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Day 5 on Champix and feeling weird


Hi guys,

I have not quit yet but I am working on it!I am on day 5 of taking Champix and feeling super weird...I have been on Champix before and I am glad I am giving it another go but I am worried about my ability to think straight.

I am starting my Masters in one week time and I am worried that I will not be able to concentrate...I am starting to have huge doubts about it. I know that this is very negative as when you start to doubt your decision is when you set yourself for failure. I think I need some encouragement!!!


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You wil find it all on here :)

Iv attempted to quit a few times, and this site comes in handy and everyone has been through it :)

Good luck and i wish you well with your quit

HI I'm on day 9 of Champix for the second time. The first 6 days for me were really tough. Couldn't sit still, tried studying and that wasa wase of time. The GREAT news I woke up on day 7 felling 80% better and better every day since. Quit yeserday and it's still not easy but last Sunday was muc worse than this Sunday. Keep it up, but make sure you watch your mood and tell a friend, co-worker someone you see most day about the sde effects your haveing. They'll be able to see if your symptons are getting worse. My collegues were the ones to point it out to me.

hi i joined this forum in 2009 but failed after 10 weeks this time i have quit for two weeks past sat with the aid of champix enjoy reading posts it certainly helps so far been ok x

Hi Zai

As Benny has said keep an eye on your mood and how you're feeling in general and if anything starts to bother you then go see your GP or quit smoking advisor - it's good to let others know you're taking it too. I remember feeling very mellow for the first 2 weeks (I quit on day 14) then hyper for the next couple of weeks but that soon eased off. Hang in there and let us know how you're doing :)

@ Nanna Carol - hello and welcome :D Well done on your two weeks quit - you should be proud. Keep posting as it does help and read plenty :)

thankyou pookie

how long did you stay on champix for x

Hi Carol

Think it was 11 weeks in total - started weaning myself off them early because I felt confident that I didn't need them - got a bit fed up remembering to take the tabs too :)

hi pookie were u ok when you came off and how do you feel now you have done great with your quit have to be honest this has been my easiest quit but still having my moments lol wish me luck x and good luck to all quitters x

Hi Carol

Felt a bit low for the first week after I came off them but there was other stuff going on too so it may not have just been the champix. Feeling good now - still have cravey days but you learn to deal with them :) You will have days on the champix when you just want a ciggie but it's good to start exercising that willpower. So stay strong - the positives make it so worthwhile :D

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