Day 5 and feel awful

Well I've made it to day 5 and today I feel terrible. I'm feeling extremely tired, got a weird headache (not quite a headache but this strange niggly feeling at top of head), I ache everywhere, feeling quite irritable, very weak and lethargic, and generally just feel cack!

I don't remember any of this happening with my last quit. I suppose I could have caught something and I'm blaming it on not smoking, but I really don't like this! Up until about an hour ago, when i managed to pull myself together enough to do something, I really felt like giving in. The only thing that stopped me was that we have this group quit going on at work and I don't want to be the first one to give in! I don't feel like giving in now by the way. I just don't want to feel ill, especially as I have to do an hour's drive to work at 12.

Has anyone else felt any of the above symptoms? I'm using NRT by the way so they're not CT symptoms. Somebody please fix me!!!! :(

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  • there are a lot of nasties going around Dave, but give your bod a chance to recover from all the crap youve put in it over the years!!!

    keep strong!!

  • Dave

    Hope your feeling a little better now. Hope so anyway. xxxx

  • Thanks for the replies. I found CW's very useful, and passed it on to people at work too, so thanks CW.

    I still feel crappy but that could well be cos I'm sitting here at work doing the most boring thing it's possible for a programmer to do!

  • hye man, today is my 7th day, i am enjoying my withdrwal symptom, dont think about today just imagine one day we will be free from smoking

  • woooo mojo can write a program! must have learned on a BBC B like me.

    Bit more complicated now though mate.....

    private void PrintBollocks()


    int32 i;

    for (i=0;i=9999999999;i++)





    That's actually the first bit of code i've written in weeks lol!!!

  • Sel "Bollocks"

    From "Bollocks"

    Where "Bollocks" >1

    Group by "Bollocks"



    select bollocks

    from (select MoreBollocks as bollocks from EvenMoreBollocks

    where ImprovedCirculation = 'BiggerBollocks'

    order by MoreBollocks)

  • lmao, you win, geek

    Actually I prefer 'nerd'!

    Bow down to the nerdiest quitter in the Optimistic4 lol :D

  • woooo mojo can write a program! must have learned on a BBC B like me.

    BBC B - That takes me back, there was a time I was able to direct a turtle to draw "bollocks" in LOGO :D

  • Hmmm, I can't really say that day 5 feels overly pleasant but thanks CW for that informative read... I'm certainly not going to smoke and have to face this past 5 days all over again!!

  • Great going opt 4 and other day5 ers...........Hope your day get better and tomorrow is better.Have a good weekend I of course have to work 7 days aweek so everyday pretty much is the same for me......:D

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