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Nearly completed a full calendar month


Morning all,

I haven't done an update for about a week so thought I had better let everyone know I am fine.

Me and OH are still smoke free after 30 days. OH had a wobble yesterday but is now fine.

Went through a stage where my skin started getting spotty and I felt a bit rubbish but skin is clearing up now and I am feeling a bit better. Got on the scales at the weekend and nearly fell off them in shock. I have piled on the pounds :eek::eek: so next goal is to try and get healthier by losing the weight (just wish that was easier).

Well done to everyone who is still going strong and to those just starting out I know it feels like an uphill struggle but eventually you will reach the top of the hill and things will be easier.

Good luck everyone

Lingy :)

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Well done lingy, you're doing brilliantly :)

I've not even looked at the scales... I'm completely in denial that the daily kit-kat will lead to weight gain :p

Oops !

Well done lingy

Thanks Jen and Dorset123,

The extra weight will come off, luckily I haven't quite reached the weight I was prior to losing weight last time so have caught it just in time :eek: in 2 months I am hoping to be back to normal (well still overweight but not quite as much as I am now:D).

Hope everything is going well with you both.


:D:D:D great stuff!

That's fantastic Lingy! Well done to you and your OH - I'm so pleased for you both. Me and mine have just celebrated eight weeks (well seven for him) - all without any throttling or other bad behaviour!

Well Done !

good luck to you both .. thats a major acheivement :)

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