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5 calendar months complete!

As of yesterday I have stopped smoking for 5 complete months, and I feel soooo happy about it. I remember when I quit and failed last year, counting the months on thinking, if i'd only stuck with my quit i'd have completed 3, 4, 5 months etc. Well this year i'm doing it, and loving it!

I believe the worst is behind me. I'm still prepared cos I know the little tricks that can be played but the one thing that is different with this quit is that I know absolutely and 100% is that you cannot have just one cigarette, which is something that I fooled myself with on my last quit.

So I'm a long way from the penthouse, but i'll have fun hanging around on the landing for a while.

Hope everyone is well and strong and looking forward to a good weekend.

Lorraine :)

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Hey Lozza

A big congratulations on your 5 months ...You must feel brilliant, you sound it......hanging round the landing hahaha ..can i hang out with you for a bit :)

All the way to a year right behind you xxx


Good to have someone to hang with. Thank you, I am feeling really chuffed, stopping smoking has had so many other positive affects on my life that I'm a little blown away when I think of them all. I had wanted to stop smoking for so long that to actually do it for a sustainable amount of time means so much to me and I hadn't realised how much it had been getting me down.

Onwards and upwards for us, plenty of time for us to plan our arrival to the penthouse!

Lorraine x


Five calendar months is absolutley fantastic Lozza and happy you should be :)

I've only just done two so if you're on the landing I must be on the garden path - save me a room :D


Hi Lozza well done on your 5 months have you noticed the room smells nicer and that the windows are opened every day so its nice and fresh in here now couldnt believe how bad it was when I first arrived, you are well on your way to the Penthouse and I decided that I would stay down on a lower floor as I dont like heights :D you take care and smoke free.


Well Done Lorraine, and that journey to the Penthouse will go much quicker than you think.



5 months is great!! The months here after will seem to pass by quicker thats for sure. they did for me, hope you experience the same. Just don't be afraid to ask for a bit of support if you hit a rough day or two here or there, thats part of the journey of the quitter :)

Well done!



Many thanks all, the grass certainly is greener this side of 3 months, and the time has flown by. I've overcome my biggest nightmare which was camping, last year it was my complete downfall, but this time around, i'm loving every bit of my non-smoking camping life. Having my OH not smoking though has made a HUGE difference I must confess, and I take my hat off to anyone quitting when the OH still smokes. I know that if I smoke then he probably will, and vice versa, so it is another huge incentive to stay away.

Onwards and upwards, camping this weekend, the sun should be shining and hopefully the fish will be biting!!

Many thanks again,

Lorraine :)


well done Lozza, great quit :D


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