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5 full months completed...yipeeeeee


I have been quit for 5 Months, 1 hour and 57 seconds (151 days).

I have saved £663.90 by not smoking 2,567 cigarettes.

I have saved 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 19 hours and 50 minutes of my life.

Last Cig 24/10/10 (Early in the morning)

I now enter the 6th Month mark and i cant believe it, 5 months gone already, I went to the Dentist yesterday and filled out a new form, when asked if i smoked it felt great to tick NO. I have great teeth apparantly so thats good and today its my teeths turn to get a treat and have a good scale and polish and remove all that old nasty ciggy stains and reminders. Cant wait now.....into the 6th month i go, hi ho, hi ho.

Good luck all. :) and Thank you everyone cos without you i would not be here.

Whoop, whoop, 5 whole months :)

PS I dont even think about smoking anymore, not even a little thought, i only get reminded by this site and by other things, like yesterday at the dentist, im not going to say never but at this moment in time im not going to smoke!

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Congrats Jo, that's a great achievement :D

Thank you for your reply. I still cant believe i have got this far, i know i must not be too complacent but its def a great feeling. :)

Well done Jo :) You've been a great help to me and others behind you. Keep up the good work xx


Well done Jo xxx

Well done NN, that's fab. Hope your teeth are squeaky clean and all sparkly again now!

5 months - superb!

Hi all

Thanks for your replies. I have just got back from the Hygienist and im all lovelly and clean now, just got to invest in a electronic toothbrush now as i have been brushing a little too hard and my gums are receeding a little but she said if i get it now and stay with using one i can stop the damage in its tracks otherwise i will end up with sensitive teeth, she even said other than that my teeth were quite clean considering i have not had them cleaned at a dentist in about 7 years and that she would see me yearly. Now thats good. I have some stains, we all do but the old smoking ones have all been eliminated and im ready to keep these lovelly and clean and when i see her again it wont be so harsh.

Also just got back from seeing the nurse, had to give a blood sample to check my Thyroid levels again as i am feeling a bit sluggish and i have an underactive thyroid and my Dr wanted to see what they are at now. As soon as i hear i will update on here. Enjoy ur smokefree day. LOL

NN x

nuttynurse i am SOOOOOOO happy for you:D im feeling just the same as you and what a great feeling it is!! same thing happened to me when i filled out my paperwork at the oral surgeon on monday...checking "no" in the do you smoke box was such a great feeling!! keep up the good work hun.....treat yourself lots, you deserve it!!


Hey Jo

Exceptional job - huge congratulations - you were one of the first people to say hellooo and welcome to me, and have been a constant source of support.

Enjoy - you deserve it!! ;)

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Hi Jo


Well done on getting to here and now also having sparkly clean teeth :D:D


Congratulations Jo, its a huge achievement, well done : )


Fantastic job. Well done on your 5 month milestone. :D

Just hit my 20 weeks today so I wont be long before Im joining you.

Treat yourself to something really nice for being so brilliant :)

Thats FAB news Jo, a massive well done to you!!!

Good morning everyone

Just wanted to say s BIG THANK YOU to everyone on their kind words, re the 5 month quit.

It still feels a little strange even now that i am no longer one of those people.

I helped out in a friends shop yesterday and the lady i worked with went out for a cig, came back in and OMG it stank, so im glad that i no longer smell like that. Its also nice to not have yellowy marks on my fingers because sometimes and thats not all the time but i would get nicotine stains on them and i would scrub and scrub to try and get rid of them, i dont have that problem anymore thank goodness.

We went out for a bike ride yesterday, down to the local park, had a kick about, rode over to the supermarket, kids got some chocs and then rode home, it was lovelly, all 5 of us on our bikes. We will be going out again later on our bikes if it stays nice enough, may even make some sandwiches to take with us and have a little picnic again thats if the weather holds out.

I am now looking forward to reaching the 6 month mark because i have only ever got to about 6-8 weeks before then became a secret smoker, well i thought no one knew but as we all know a smoker always has that lingering perfume so in all honesty we can never be a secret smoker.

The time now seems to fly by and i am never looking back and going on those things again, no way, im happy being free, i have energy, lovelly clean teeth and clothes, i can smell my perfume now, i can taste food too, i can keep up with the kids well almost, OK a little weight has gone on but i have an underective thyroid and now the Dr says my dose was too low so fingers crossed i may be able to keep the weight off or at least try and lose some because i have been keeping active and watching what i eat yet i was still gaining a little. Thats what i hate about having an underactive thyroid it slows your metabolism even more and that does not help when your stopping smoking and trying not to gain extra weight, but i have never eaten much and TBH i eat no more than when i was a smoker yet i have still managed to find a few extra lbs in weight. Hopefully now that i am on a higher dose it will regulate down and even if i dont lose it i should at least not put anymore on. I am not going to let it ruin my life though, i have had 3 wonderful children, one pregnancy being twins so my stretched belly is even more prominent but that is how i am now, im going to be 40 in June and i would rather stay as i am and i know im healthier now rather than go back to that disgusting habit thinking that its a miracle cure to weightloss cos its not. If i stay a size 18 till i die then so beit, thats how my life should be, my family love me and to me thats good enough, i just have to learn to love myself which i am now starting to do, im finally starting to find some confidence which i thought id lost years ago. Smoking made me feel like an outcast and i never wanted to get close to anyone not properly, i felt ashamed to be one and i never enjoyed it at all i just never found the right time to stop completely, maybe its all excuses but this time i did and i have stayed stopped. I never ever want to be in that situation again where i feel that i am not in control of my own life.

I am enjoying being more active now too, its great going to the pool, going to the gym and now bike rides with the family. I spend a lot more time with them now and i do think that its helped my relationship with my OH.

Everyones quit is different, no 2 are ever the same but we can all do it if we want to even if it takes us years to finally get there it will be worth it in the end. We all know its a cash burner, we all know its bad for us and we all know we should stop but we also all know its down to us to stop and we have to be in the right frame of mind. Its like anything if we are told to do it we may do it but then its grudgenly and we can resent it and go back but if we know what we are up against, we are armed with knowledge and support then the better our chances to stop and stay stopped.

Good luck everyone :)

Well done Jo on your 5 months + quit, I can say that now as I missed the actual day :) so keep up the great work and before you know it you will be dragging your self up all those stairs to the Penthouse, or maybe they will have the lift fixed before you get there as my legs are killing me:(

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