Seven calendar months gone

Today makes 7 months down and dusted! The time is flying now! I've lost 3 lbs this week without really trying. Hope the rest comes off as easy, but I've always had problems in that area. Always say "There's a fat person inside me that wants to come out instead of a thin one!" lol To all you newbee's, just hang in there, it will get better, easier, and is very worth it!

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  • Hi Jody :D


    7 whole months is great well done you


    Marg xxxxx

  • Good for you Jody, seven months smokefree and losing three pounds as well. David

  • Excellent job, Jody! Congratulations on 7 months (and the minus of 3 pounds;)) Well done!

  • Congratulations.

    I am hoping the weight will start coming off soon, I cant afford any new clothes!



  • Seven months done and dusted it feels really good doesn`t it.

    Well Done Jody


  • Congratulations :D

    That 7 months has flown by, hasn't it? Well done!

    Keep it going!! :D

  • I cant afford any new clothes!



    It's a fact Nog, stopping smoking causes clothes to shrink. David

  • Thats terrific! well done you! Sadly, my few pounds I lost piled themselves back on. Think thats possibly the buy two for £2 deal at asda I discovered though.

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