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just had my last fag!! ever!!


poped on here a few times in the past saying im going to quit again!i stopped for 3 years then foolishly had the odd one,and before i knew it was back on 15+ a day!!!:mad: neway after having to resort to roll ups and standing outside ike an idiot i decided to go back and have a look at the whyquit web site!!! this did it for me last time after my dad died of lung cancer from smoking..and its done it again!!!! its honesty and pics scare you to ive just smoked my last fag!! told my daughter to throw rest of baccy here i go xx

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Well Done Becca

You can do it

Wishing you loads of luck and determination



Welcome back Becca. Well you're quite experienced at this then :)

I'm gonna check out that website you were talking about, thanks.

I started my quit a week ago, and out of interest can I ask you what made you take that first puff after 3 years of not smoking?

I don't really have craves anymore, but my biggest concern is that I will miss smoking even several years from now, and at some point decide being a non-smoker isn't worth it.


Yipppeeeeee! Enjoy the journey :D


hiya smoke cat, i was very drunk!!!it made me sick and feel like pooh!!! but i forgot about that next time i was out!!!started to buy 10 just when i went out to pub etc....say no more!! x


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