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No Smoking Day
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Just had last cigarette

Hi everyone,

Firstly what a great community of support you have here

I have been having a good look around and really hope with your support I can stay free from my nicotine addiction.

Had my last cigarette at 3pm today - I am determined to raise to this challenge and remain free from smoking - however I know there will be many challenges and urges that will require the right attitude to beat, but i also know that with each craving I beat I shall become stronger.

My approach to this is cold turkey and i wish you all well, whatever stage you are at in your quit and i shall be looking to use as much support from you all as possible.

I shall be taking my challenge one day at a time and one crave/trigger at a time.....wish me luck!! :)


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hi Mark,

welcome to the forum and good luck with your quit. Loads of help on here, just post and read, really does help:D


Good luck! :):):)


a brilliant decision and a brilliant out look arm yourself with knowledge and u will be fine



Hi and welcome to the forum..good luck!!.xx


Well done Mark!

This board is fantastic for advice, support and info. I'm in the middle of day 3 and people have been brilliant on here so you've come to the right place.

You can do it mate!


Welcome to the forum!

One day at a time is definitely the way to do it. Don't freak yourself out by thinking about forever, you just have to concern yourself with right now.

You've come to the right place for finding support. We all have our own set of pom poms and a nice line in motivational t-shirts :D

Gooooooo YOU!



Welcome Mark :D

I thought it was impossible and now I've nearly done 10 weeks :D

You can do it too, 1 hour at a time if necessary. Just keep saying no.

Stay calm and don't be a stranger to the board. There are some fantastic people on here that can help you through even your darkest moments. :cool:


Hi Mark

Well done already for a great approach to quitting.

Good luck for the future


Hey guys

Thanks for the warm welcome, it feels good to have all your support

Looking forward to updating my success on a daily basis

Hope you all have a good evening



Hi Mark Well done on choosing to quit, were here for you whenever you need us.

remember there's nothing we havent been through, so dont go through anything alone. logon and ask the questions, witter, winge, scream, shout whatever you feel like.

Weve all been there mate, good luck mate, hour by hour, day by day, week by week. they soon start to stack up.

congrats mate,



Hi mark!, well done. I have also had my last cigarette Today at about 17.00. I have done it before, the longest for 3 years. Those 3 years were the best of my life and that is why I am trying again. This time for good. I'm ready to kill the little monster inside. We will succeed.Xx


Plenty of support here for you!

We have to start somewhere right? I was leary of stopping..

worried about the cravings...but ya know what? I DID IT! :D

It now today DAY 87! I am with the Jan 2012 Quitters Team!

Best of luck...keep thinking positive..it won't be sunshine every day

but, you will be free of nicotine SOON! :D


good luck!

Hi Mark,

Just to say all the best with your quit. This is a really supportive forum and I've used it when I've needed it along the way. The first few weeks of any quit is mentally challenging and I found the best ammunition here is education in understanding the twinfold aspect of physical addiction and psychological habit. I gave up on the 19th of January and even although the physical cravings have gone long ago, there are still times where I find myself thinking i would love to take myself off into a small corner and have a cigarette especially when my children are demanding and I have a million work deadlines. The best thing for me about giving up cigarettes is the no longer thinking about russian roulette with my health, I've always loved running so giving up has been a complete bonus here .. I can run for an hour without shortness of breath .. it's great!.. Keep up the good work Mark we don't need the cigarettes.




Hi Mark :)

I wish you all the very best mate. I quit just under a week ago and never thought i would get this far. As has been said the support here is excellent..also the information available.

Take heed of the advice from the more experienced here and you can't go far wrong :)

Good luck!


Hey all

Sorry not updated last few days, but good news...I am now into day 4 of my quit....Had some really tough moments but that is to be expected....each craving beaten makes me stronger

Hope you are all well xx


Hello!! Well done for deciding to quit. All of us on here know its a massive decision to make and my only advice is to prepare, which you probably did and don't give into the craves!! They're only there to fool you.

I'm not gonna lie, it is an up and down journey. My own experience was it was weird the first few days, having a feeling of something being missing and finding new routines. Especially in the mornings. Then it got easier after a week, then after a couple of weeks the craves came back and caught me unawares!! But sitting here after 10 weeks, I can honestly say life is good. I'm pleased I didn't give in as the rewards are so big! More money, fitter, not paranoid about smelling, the list is endless.

I found this forum a MASSIVE help. The support from loads of people was immense. So you've come to the right place. Take it one day at a time and every day you get through give yourself a big pat on the back.

But you know if you're having a bad day, this forum is great back up :) x


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