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No Smoking Day
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Single Again Heart Broken,But Still Fag Free (just)

Guys, the last few weeks have been a nightmare My beautiful girlfriend has moved on so to speak,OUCH! and it is the closest I have come to saying Flip it 20 fags 8 pints and it will all be fine, (I dont drink eyther), but now I see that love is the Addiction this time, and there is no pill or patch for me so here goes, the total abstinace all over again, still im lucky in one way our annaversary was the 9th same day each month as my quit cellibrations.,so thats nice and easy to keep track of my progress..

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I'm so sorry to hear you have been having a rough time of it. Glad you have managed to get through it smoke free. It may not seem it now but that is a massive achievement and when the sting of the breakup goes away a bit you will be so pleased with yourself to have got through this without smoking.

I'm sure its not even in your mind yet but one day there will be a beautiful Mrs Lemsip out there waiting for you.



Hi Lem

Sorry to hear about the issues you are having to deal with right now in your life, but things will get better, honestly and as Lev's has said there is a Mrs Lem out there waiting for you when the time is right.

I also wanted to say a BIG WELL DONE FOR NOT GIVING in to Mr Nic cos as you pointed out its not a crave its your heart and no ciggy can repair that. Anyhow chin up mate and try if you can to keep smiling.

Take care my Oct Quit Bud :)


thanks Girls you make me feel all warm and fussy x x x this forum rocks.


Hey Lems.

There is really nothing we can say to make you feel any better, being heartbroken, well I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! You cannot control the heartache, it takes time to heal however you can control not smoking, turn this into a positive quit experience, at least you have power over nic pangs.

No drinking either, drinking leads to silly texts messages and tears and regrets and possibly smoking!

Chin up, there is someone out there for EVERYONE I guarentee that. I too went through a breakup that I never thought I would get over but now I am happily married to my prince charming, there is definatley hope!

Thinking of you!

Jill xxx


Hey Lem,

You're so brave for getting through the awful break-up without the fags, it's exactly the sort of excuse an addict needs to go back. I think it proves that you're really a non-smoker as oposed to an ex-smoker.

Jill - good point about the drinking and txts and calls!

Work on constructive things that make you feel good for being you (excersising, new hobby etc) if you do feel destructive (smoking) urges.

Hope the healing starts soon x


all better now, who would have thought breaking one addiction would help make it so easy to break others, so whos up for mating ,i'm not getting any younger ! fags eww gross ex girrfriend eww gross, both expensive,dirty and bad for you mental health, yeah there is some buzz but hay it aint worth the greef. right Im not panning her just the way we were together, just like the tobaco plant im sure its better in the wild and natral state not being abused by me x good bye fags thanks for helping me give up miss ------ x bye


Good for you lempsip for getting through a very emotional time and not going back to the fags, Bl***y brilliant.

I am of course sorry to hear this has happened but feel very proud that even through this you did not, have not given in :D

Has anyone taken you up on your mating offer yet lol :eek:

Be strong, stay strong ;)



I was going to and then I realised 48 was his post count and not his age :eek:

Lol, that's really funny :D;):eek:


hi there..i know those kinds of feeling are hard to deal with!! good for you that you didnt give in..im in the middle of an ongoing argument with my hubby and we dont Live together so it is over the phone and skype and im miserable and believe me i thought of smoking but im at almost 5 months quit so forget it...if we smoke the problems are still there and now worse..we smoked!!:eek: NO WAY!!..KEEP STRONG HUN;)


well I must say, I'm very disappointed that the offers of surrogacy haven't been flowing in! back to pre breakup non smoking levels again now thanks guys


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