No Smoking Day
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My reasons

My reasons in order would be -

1. My 2 year old son (I smoked roll ups to save money :rolleyes: and tobbacco seems to get everywhere!!) even though I didnt actually smoke in the house

2. Money!!! I have booked a holiday based on the money I will save from not smoking....HAVE to stop now or not quite sure how I am goning to pay for it!!! :eek:

3. My teeth have always been great (only half a filling in 32 years!!!) but I noticed they were getting more and more yellow. A trip to the dentist for a scale and polish revealed I have gum disease (dentist advises this is from smoking) - my gums are receeding and my teeth may eventually fall out!! :eek:

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I think you only need your reason one, it was a driver for me also. clarify I had a daughter...I didn't stop 'cos of your son.

Where ya off on hols though? I banned them this year as we can't afford to go away :( Maybe next year


Great reason Loopyness, hope all is going well so far :)


We are off to Tunisia - hammamet. Mum and dad go every year and get on very very well with the hotel staff. Its mums 60th next year and she really wanted us all to go with her (I have her only grandchild). We would never afford it without coming off the cigs.

My son is a really good reason I agree!! I grew up in a family with mostly smokers and ended uo smoking at about 12 years old. Its scary to think I have smoked for roughly 20 years and I am only in my early 30's!!! My dentist said my gums are like that of someone twice my age - not good. My nana (nicknamed Fag Ash Lil) died of lung cancer/emphysema when she was 63 and my grandad died of lung cancer also- my nana would have been so dissapointed if she knew I smoked :(

I actually caught my son licking a rizla paper the other week that he had found on the floor - he had been watching mum and dad rolling ciggies. Thank god it was just a paper but still I was horrified to watch him do that.

I want my son to grow up in a family that is the majority smoke free - hopefully he will follow the example and be a non-smoker all his life too :)


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