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hi to you all,,just poped in to see how you all are doing.it only seems like yeasterday that i stoped smoking it was nov08,,best thing i ever done:D its hard some times,but there are some good people on the site who can give you some great help..i took it one day at a time.when you get a crave it would be so ease to have a fag,,but when you have that one fag,,all the hard work you have done.goes out the window..then you have to start all over again..a crave wiil last only for a short time..be strong,so strong,,and say i do not smoke,,repeat...i do not smoke..thats what helped me quite a lot,plus the people on this site,,like linda ,stv ,marg,there was so many ,so you lot keep strong,you can do it..i smoked 60 a day.and just stoped..still smoke free:D:D:D,,like i always say .KEEP THE FAITH,,,tonyx

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  • Well Put!

    Those are words of reminder....thanks much!!

  • Wow, it is nice of you to come back and support everyone here! Congratulations on giving up :p

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