Day Four and still not sleepin well

On day four and i am still falling asleep for ages. It is like I can't get comfy in my bed at night, tossing and turning and flipping pillow over lol Is this normal on a quit???? I am tired and once I fall asleep im sleep right through.

Don't want to smoke though although I walked past the smoking shelter at work and smelt the smoke and thought "Mmm i fancy one of those!!!" it did help a little though just smelling the passive smoke. Main thing is I dont have one myself. I am determined not to.

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  • Hey Nutty.

    Have heard that when you stop smoking, the bed needs less time sleep as you have more oxygen in your bloodstream. Nit sure how true it is. I too, like many others have struggled with sleep patterns but it does return to normal.

    Keep up the good work.


  • the sleeping is unsettled to start with but it will settle in time chris is right i beleive i sleep alot less than when i smoked and i wake up bright energetic and ready for the day rather than like wen i smoked i woke up headachey wheezing coughing felt i ached all over so the improvement is massive

    the freshly lit cigarette smelt nice to me for about 3 or 4 months but those smokers sure didnt smell nice wen they had finished smoking if any of them came and chatted to me after smoking i was almost sick on them as it turned my stomach so bad [ would serve them right if i was sick on them lol]

    as of the last couple of months even freshly lit cigarettes smells horrible and the stale smokers still turn my stomach

    still cant believe i smelt THAT bad

    the good news is everything just gets better u are almost through the worst of it [the first week] and the only way is up

  • hi nutty, i too suffered from lack of sleep, i managed to fall asleep ok but then would keep waking all thro the night, not being able to go back to sleep again. It would take me ages to fall asleep again to only wake up an hour later i was so tired but it does eventually get better!! I think it lasted about 2weeks but felt alot longer with lack off sleep and craving ciggerettes i was a nightmare to live with lol!! :o

  • Aaaaw that's good to know that it will pass. I am finding I am staying up at least an hour longer than I used to and I think I may be panicking I am not going to get enough sleep!! Just trying to ride out every day as it comes and think to myself that it's a big change i am going through all positive.

    Loving running up 2 flights off stairs at work without chocking for breath at the top! :)

  • eddiev

    hello all, my last smoke was this past sunday @ 7:30 p.m. i am currently using the patch 21 mgs and it seems to be working well. i am approaching 4 full days and just wanted to hear your thoughts and get some positive support. thank you all!!!!

  • Eddie you are the same stage as me as ur quit, come or go a few hours. I find it quite motivational moving up the stages on this forum! Lots of advice on what to expect at each stage. best of luck. :D

  • eddiev

    thx nutty...glad to hear from you. proud of you that you stopped. look at that we quit basically the same time. we have an immediate bond now. i saw your posting above regarding sleep. i am sleeping soundly and like a baby right through the night. i am a little worried about tomorrow. i work home on fridays so i will be alone just working. i am hoping the temptation won't be so great. even if it is i will not give in to this monster. i'll keep busy, work, go swimming, wash my car etc...and ofcouse put my patch on first thing....

  • Day 4 for me, and last night was a toss-n-turn night. I did finally fall asleep and actually slept pretty well. This morning, more than days 1-3, I really wanted a cigarette upon waking.

    Hang in!

  • Eddie, a week on our quit how good will that feel? You have recognised you are in a dangerous place later so you have plenty time to prepare for it. I believe you get a feel good factor after battling through cravings which out weighs all the reasons to smoke. Good luck and look forward to hearing how you get on.

    I think also that when we smoked we all wake up in different moods and this will be the same during the quit but it is not a reason to smoke. someone said you cant replace smoking with all feelings/emotions you have and I think this is very true. best of luck everyone we can do this :D

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