No Smoking Day
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day four and feeling great!

ok, well i still have the full fat patches on so i am probably getting more nicotine than when i was smoking but hey, i didn't expect to be feeling this good even with that!

i don't even think about smoking which is where the difference is between this time and the last quit, i thank alan carr for that, he talks about that as being important, don't think about it,

the other thing he said which i find a great help is not to hide away from life when quitting, just get on with it as normal, and well that is helping me loads to be honest because in the past i always turned my phone off when quitting and avoided anything stressful,

i started this quit on the spur of the moment, just passing the chemist and thought go and buy some patches, no clear idea what i was aiming at, but now i'm starting to think off myself as a June quitter and starting to think this could last,

positive, as you can see, still remarkably positive, strange :)

best of luck all, ><5mol<er

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keep on keeping on will get there!!:)



If I keep practicing this cheerleading lark I might be able to do the splits by the time you get to six months. :D

H x


Great to read your UPBEAT post.Congrats!!!!!


Well done smoker on day 4 over....almost a week, get you :)

... hee hee im a proud owner of a full fat patch too! :D hahaha


a post a day keeps the smoke at bay :)

day 5, its all good!

there's more time for idle thoughts of smoking at the weekend, but the only times i've thought of it was to think what a stupid habit and why on earth did i ever think it did me any good!

i've been a bit sleepy today, but good restful sleepy :)

probably because i went patch free till noon,

its worth keeping track of the benefits i'm seeing just in case the craves do come:

lungs feeling good

sense of smell starting to return

skin feeling fresh, generally i'm feeling like i'm looking better (its all relative here!)

i've lost that palid grey look as the blood starts to circulate again

i can smell when other people have been smoking!

i can concentrate for longer

i'm saving a fortune in cigs even thought the patches are so expensive

i'm posting on the worlds best forum :)

happy quitting all! ><5mol<er


day 6 already, it goes so FAST!

actually started to feel a little sorry for the tobacco companies today, what if the secret gets out that if you choose not to have JUST ONE CIGARRETTE you are in real real danger of relapsing into being a non smoker for a day or two. why if you're not careful you may even forget about smoking all together!! i mean nonsmoking is a bit of a habit, its hard to go back once you've started, could call it a bit of an addiction i suppose, to life :)



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