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No Smoking Day
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2 Years Today!


I decided to quit smoking in febuary 2010, thanks to using this forum and all the support that comes with it including all the great information and helpful links I QUIT! It was national no smoking day and i thought what a great day to give up on so i did. It wasn't easy and i have to admit i missed it like crazy in those early days, in fact i thought i was going mad the withdrawals were SO BAD. I took up running, i did eat quite a bit of chocolate lol but cold turkey was the way to go and after a few months i felt totally over it, the obsession had been removed from me. I now feel totally free, i can be around smokers it doesnt bother me at all.

I'm now a personal trainer so smoking is just out of gthe question!!!! I still get a croaky throat and have to clear it (i was a heavy roll up smoker) i think it takes time for your lungs to completely clear, ill just be glad when they have. Smoking is a total waste of time and money, anyone new and reading this i wish you lots of luck and strength in your quit, its a bumpy start very worth it afterwards, keep going everyone. :)

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WOW Angel 2 years is no small feat and it certainly shows the rest of us it can be done despite the early discomfort.....

Huge Congrats and may there be many more to come!!:D


Well done Fallen Angel 2 years is amazing, I totally agree with what you are saying it's a waste of time and money I think we all wish we had done it sooner.

But we got there in the end.:)




thats a great positive post and such a brill achievement :)


Thank you :)


That's fantastic to hear, congratulations.



2years is awesome, well done :D


CONGRATULATIONS Fallen Angel . Jacqui


Hello Fallen Angel,you metioned that you were a heavy roll-up smoker.I put myself in the same category,smoked Old Holborn for the best part of 35 years and was a heavy smoker probably about 2 to 3 ounces a week. Prior to Old Holborn did about 40 Park Drive/Woodbine a day for 5/6years. A total of about 40+years. I'll be nicotine free 7 weeks tomorrow but, no serious cough or phlegm as yet. Am I'm just being lucky or is this the calm before the storm so speak?

Overall I've found it hard but not unbearable having a similar experience when I stopped drinking 21+ years ago so I kind of knew what to expect and believe me I wasn't wrong. It was worse though I feel as if I'm over the hump now.

Michael a.k.a:- lefoy123



Absolutely Karri, i missed it so badly, it would wake me in the night, give me weird dreams, make me wake up at 430 literally WIDE AWAKE :eek: I was a mess when i quit but thank god i did. Now being a non smoker is just so damn nice, no hassle, no coughing, no guilt around the kids, no cost etc etc plus have i ever smelt a smokers breath? DON'T it smells of actual s**t! to think my breath smelt like that is just vile.

Lefoy, not everyone gets throaty coughs, u may find ul be absolutely fine! and well done giving up booze 21 years ago, i would have been 2 years in may but i had a few in january....woops. Onwards!!


Congrats, Fallen Angel! 2 years is awesome!


Congrats FA, well done on 2 years!


A job very well done, hope you gave yourself something nice with your smoke-free savings.



An awesome achievement Fallen Angel.

Another one who powered through and prevailed!

Am very impressed that you're a personal trainer now. I skipped going to the gym today. That makes ten years in a row :D




Wow, well done you, ( sorry about the late congratulations) ive only just managed to quit again lol. reading through your posts i keep thinking i should be where you are now (think we quit on the same day).

keep up the great work, youve done so well, i will hit the 2 year mark this time :D

Rachel x


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