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2 years today


Wow - I made it.

How has my life changed since quitting? Dramatically. I've lost weight, started exercising - even ran a marathon last year. At the time I stopped smoking, I made a series of life changes, as this newspaper article will demonstrate.



I am currently dating and recently met a couple of girls and I remember in the past as a smoker it was the most uncomfortable thing. I would have a smoke, brush my teeth, take gum then go meet her. I'd then look forward to getting away from her - not because I wasn't enjoying the company, but because I wanted to smoke and didn't know when the right time to tell her I was a smoker was. It's so good not having this worry.

Money? It all goes on sports kit, gym memberships, race entries and such like now. I think that's a better way to spend my cash.

Do I miss it? No, not at all. Do I remember being a smoker? Yup. However, I don't feel like I was ever a smoker now. The smell now disgusts me and the idea of smoking is so alien to me.

If you are not sure stopping is worth it, it really is. I feel so much better about my life as a non-smoker. So much happier. Good luck everyone!

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Bloody brilliant. Inspiring!


Amazing journey:) Amazing Result:)

Fi x


I've been feeling so sorry for myself for days (week or more actually) and now I see this and I feel so much better about my decision again.

And very proud of you (and I don't even know you!)

Well done. And thank you for the tremendous inspiration you are instilling in us newbies trying to kick the habit!



Wow, that's amazing :)

I can't wait to be at that stage!

Feeling inspired :)

Ronnie, an inspiration and a reminder that this kind of life change is within all of our graps :)

FENCER!! Great to see you. And a huge WOW to the change in your fitness - the difference is amazing, you must be so proud of yourself.

Congratulations on your two years - I know how you feel - wouldn't go back to that life for anything.

Helen x


Thanks everyone! I hope my story helps at least one other person :)

Quitting is only part of it ,staying quit is the real test. congratulations on 2 years and a huge cheer for all the other lifestyle changes. 2 years is my next milestone and im determined not to get complacent and forget that a full blown addiction is only ever one puff away. I dont ever want to quit again.

Mash x

Wow wow wow, fanfrickintastic well done, you are now my role model :D

Brilliant! well done on changing your life for the better! That really is inspiring!


That is a brill post Fencer getting to 2 years is wicked so glad to see you have turned your life around :D

Thanks :D :D

No words

No words can describe how proud you must feel, and you make a lot of us on here feel proud also WELL DONE :D:D:D:D

Hey Fencer,

Great to see you're still here!

I've also discovered sport and the incredible (good) limits I can push my body to, so glad I traded in smoking for all of that. Congrats on your running!

Sofia x

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