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2 years

2 years ago today I started on my non smoking journey. The early days were difficult and short tempered. The first year included massive highs and deep dark lows. Weight gain has plateaued (exercise difficult due to exercise injury!!).

Has it been worth it? A definite YES!! :D

Stats: cigs not smoked 21228, money 'saved' £6686

Well done to all of the others in the Oct 2011 group who will achieve 2 years smoke free this month. :)

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Wow, that's one hell of a set of statistics Dave, great stuff. 21 thousand...!!

Well done on 2 years!


Absolutely incredible. Well done doesn't do justice.



I am bowing in awe - Congratulations on your second fly by. :D:D:D


Massive a Respect Dave !

Really Love a success post - A Very Impressive Post !


great post

Hey Dave

great to see you posting i have been looking out for you Mash Lisa and anyone else part of the october 11 group

who im sure wilbe along very soon to join you as you celebrate 2 years of freedom



OMG Dave (jumps up and down and waves).

You did it!! Im so proud of you. Someone from my original groupis two years down the line.

Well Im back and determined and will be joining you next year in that penthouse so keep it tidy and get the vodka in.

Lillie xxxxx


get the vodka in.

All of the vodka is gone!!! There may be some cherry brandy in a cupboard somewhere!! :D

Thanks for the messages...its all good!!! :)


Massive congrats Dave. I should be joining u with celebrating two years too. Unfortunately my nearly 2 year quit came to an abrupt end on august bank holiday Monday!! Now im back to chainsmoking 30 rollies a day. 1 moment of madness and its all gone Pete Tong. There really is no such thing as 1 puff on a cigarette. well done u . stay with it.



You lot always drink all the vodka when you get to the penthouse,that cherry brandy must have been in the corner for the last 20 years :p


In oawwww of you

Fantastic. Makes me want to get there to, only 8 weeks and struggling but just brilliant to read a success story, hug to you ;)


Who hoo

Congratulations on the 2 year quit to not only u but also to all those other October 2011 quitters.

As part of the Oct 2010 group im coming up to 3 years and it will be lovely to also hear back from all other october quitters whatever the year.

Keep away from Mr Nic everyone, u can do this.....I did!


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